Hallmark Christmas Movies and Hot Cocoa

Hallmark Christmas Movies and Hot Cocoa

Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

One thing I am grateful for out of countless blessings is Hallmark Christmas movies. Hallmark Christmas movies are able to transport me from a wonderful ski town, to snowy New York City. Hallmark Christmas movies give me a warm feeling of cute romance. Some movies I recommend are Christmas Inheritance, Christmas Prince, and Switched at Christmas.


Hallmark Christmas movies are family friendly and a feel good activity you can enjoy with your family. Isabel Alderete ’21 explains, “My mom and I watch Hallmark Christmas movies on the weekend and during our Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. We love to cozy up on the couch and drink hot chocolate while watching the movies.”

My favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie, Christmas Inheritance. Photo Credit: Google Images


Hallmark Christmas movies are a classic American tradition. Although the plots are generally the same and the outcome is always a happy ending, there is something about a consistent happy ending the leaves you hopeful and joyful for the characters.


Brooke Edwards ’21 explains, “I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my friends at our annual Christmas sleepover. We love the cutesy plot and how cute the characters are.”

Even though the holidays look different this year, I am thankful that we can continue watching Hallmark Christmas movies normally.