Thankful for the Miracle That Is the Miracle Aligner Music Video

Alex Turner and Miles Kane in

Photo credits: Domino Music

Alex Turner and Miles Kane in “Miracle Aligner”

Serena Park, Copy Editor

I have been a fan of the Sheffield, England based indie rock band Arctic Monkeys for a majority of my life. I religiously listened to their 2007 album, “Favourite Worst Nightmare,” as well as their record-breaking 2013 album, “AM,” throughout middle school.

Incapable of simply being a fan of their music, I learned about the formation of the band, all the members of the band, and looked into each of their song’s lyrics and their meanings. As the years passed, their music slowly rotated out of my regular cycle of songs, with my music taste constantly changing and my discovery of new genres, artists, and songs.

However, during quarantine and over summer, I reverted back to my middle school music taste, including Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets.

In 2008, Arctic Monkeys front-man, lead singer, and main songwriter Alex Turner collaborated with Miles Kane to make a new side group, called The Last Shadow Puppets. The two met when Kane’s previous band toured with the Arctic Monkeys in 2007. They released their first album, “The Age of the Understatement” in 2008, and eight years later released their second album, “Everything You’ve Come to Expect.”

The album cover for “Everything You’ve Come to Expect” featuring a dancing Tina Turner (Photo credits: Jack Robinson via Domino Music)

This week when Ms. Barclay instructed us at the Royal Reporter to write about what we’re thankful for, I was torn. Do I write about my friends, my family, or the opportunities and privileges I’ve been given?

Then, it hit me.

On the Last Shadow Puppets’s 2016 album, “Everything You’ve Come to Expect,” the second track on the album is the song “Miracle Aligner.” This song was by far my most listened to song over the summer. There were definitely more than a few days where it was the only song I listened to, playing it on repeat for hours on end.

Something about the music is entrancing, from the way Alex Turner sings the lyrics, to the full sounds of the guitar riffs.

But what’s even more entrancing is the music video.

The song’s official music video, which as of November 20 stands at over 15 million views, doesn’t necessarily have a plot line like many other music videos. It opens with a shot of Turner and Kane leaning on a balcony, surrounded by falling, pink, rose petal shaped confetti. Once the music starts, the rest of the video is pretty much the duo just dancing in a grand ballroom.

I really can’t explain why I love this music video so much. Is it the carefree dancing of the pair? The captivating lyrics and music? The grandeur of the setting?

I really can’t say.

All I know is that every night before I go to bed, I find myself opening YouTube and watching this music video.

Whether it’s been a long night with hours of homework and studying, or a peaceful night of rest and relaxation, the one constant in my nights is my viewing of “Miracle Aligner.”

It’s the perfect way to end my day, with sweeping music and not too bright visuals that make it perfect for getting ready to go to bed. By the time the four minute video is over, I feel at peace and finally able to get some rest, and for my insomniac self, that is the true miracle, and for that I am thankful.