Catholic Schools Week


Julissa Gonzalez

These are just some of the encouraging notes that ASB put up in the school bathrooms

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Last week, Rosary Academy celebrated National Catholic Schools Week (CSW) on campus.

Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of all Catholic education across the country. At Rosary, we celebrated our students, teachers, parents, school donors, and our community. Rosary’s ASB planned a week’s schedule full of different activities to celebrate our Catholic education.

Sharing what a Catholic education means to her, Natalie Kim ’22 said, “I think Catholic schools week highlights the importance of receiving a Catholic education. The week reminded me to appreciate and be grateful for the fact that I am getting a Catholic education.”

Brooke Medina ’22, one of the Transfer Representatives on ASB, made thank you cards for the nurses and doctors at the PIH Hospital in ASB class. Brooke stated, “It is always a great opportunity to say thank you to the people that help us in our lives, I was able to make cards for healthcare workers and thank them for all they have done in our society.”

During Catholic Schools week, ASB put coffee and sweets in the teachers lounge to show our appreciation for our teachers and all they do. Ms. Rieder stated, “It was so kind of ASB to think of teachers and demonstrate their appreciation for us!”

Liana Hanz ’22 told the Royal Reporter, “I enjoyed Catholic Schools Week because it allowed me to see how lucky I am to attend Rosary. It was so nice to see the encouraging sticky notes all around the bathrooms, it reminded me to keep trying my best.”

Rosary Academy celebrated Catholic Schools Week with many different activities that both students and teachers loved. Everyone was reminded of the importance of Catholic Education in the United Sates and will continue to celebrate for many more years to come.

Julissa and Sofia took a picture showing an encouraging sticky note during Catholic Schools Week.

Photo Credit: Julissa Gonzalez

This is an example of a positive and encouraging sticky note.

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