The One and Only Claire Early


Photo provided by Claire Early

Senior Claire Early

Serena Park, Copy Editor

You know her.

Claire Early ’21: infamous script captain of two years (possibly a third?), Trinitas Arts Conservatory legend, future SNL head writer…

She walks the halls of the Academy, Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew in hand, Thespian varsity jacket on, surrounded by friends.

You may think she is the coolest cat around, and you’re absolutely right.

Claire Frances Early made her debut into this world on December 31, 2002, and every year since, people worldwide celebrate her birthday with celebration.

Since that fateful day, Claire has made her mark on the world, and we are truly blessed to have her at the Academy. Where would we be without her witty banter and her shameless self-promotion for the TAC shows?

Claire Early ’21 in her role as Dolly in “The Matchmaker”
Photo provided by Claire Early

At school, she is involved as a Royal Ambassador Captain, as a part of the Trinitas Arts Conservatory, as President of the Thespian Board, and as a two-time Red and Gold script captain.

But who is she outside of school?

I spoke to Claire and found out some inside, exclusive facts about her:

While Claire may seem calm and collected in her day to day life, the same cannot be said about her demeaner behind the wheel. She told the Royal Reporter that she has hit at least two small, innocent trees while learning to drive. She plans to take her behind-the-wheel test soon, so drivers beware!

Like many Rosary Royals, Claire is a familiar face at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. However, she may be a little more familiar than most with the koi that reside there than the average person. She explained, “I fell into the Fashion Island koi pond a little bit as a kid.”

Claire as a baby, donning a cute sunflower outfit.
Photo provided by Claire Early

Claire Early may feel, as she puts it, “lukewarm towards athletics,” but that’s not to say she couldn’t be an athletic phenomenon. She stated, “Once my dad took me to a football game when I was little, and I was able to predict plays before they happened.”

Not only is she a singing and acting star, Claire is also a true musician. She can play Spongebob character Squidward’s instrument of choice, the clarinet, simply stating, “I chose to learn the clarinet because it has my name in it.” She can also play the recorder, and is currently learning how to play the kazoo.

Claire, in true Royal fashion, can frequently be found spending time with her friends at Disneyland, at least when it isn’t closed due to a pandemic. Her favorite ride? “It would have to be Haunted Mansion, because I’m quirky and not like other girls.”

As for her favorite foods and drink, Claire said, “Despite being Irish, I hate potatoes.” This isn’t the only surprising fact when it comes to Claire and food. She told the Royal Reporter, “My favorite food is chocolate, which is ironic considering makeup companies describe my skin as ‘ivory.'”

Claire dressed up as a “Boo Boo the Fool,” for reasons unknown.
Photo provided by Claire Early

Kristina Enright ’21, who worked with Claire last year as her co-script captain for the Gold team, said, “I was really glad to have Claire as my partner last year. She’s a really fun and animated person who knows how to make people laugh, and I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else.”

Senior Gianna Arenas remarked, “Claire Early is a force to be reckoned with in every aspect. She is one of my favorite people in the world, and I know she can always make my day better.”

Ms. Barclay, Claire’s English teacher last year, shared, “There’s definitely something wrong with Claire, but in a good way.  Last year I would call on her in class just to see what she would say.  She definitely wrote a strange in-class essay on “The Scarlet Letter,” ending it with odd jokes that were so not funny, they were very funny.  I still think about that essay.  I also have another one of Claire’s essays posted in the classroom for future students to see.  Not because it’s good. It’s not good. But it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my life. I am 100% certain Claire Early will be famous one day, and I support this.”

Claire Early is definitely someone that can get along with anyone. She is charismatic, genuinely funny, and kind-hearted. Happen to see her in at school and want to strike up a conversation? Just ask her about her opinion on communism.