Open House 2020


Photo Credit: Rosary Academy

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Open House went successfully for parents, teachers, and ambassadors. With the help of faculty and Royal Ambassadors, recruitment for expanding the sisterhood was safe and welcoming.

Although each family wanted a tour, due to Covid-19, changes had to be made. For example, instead of the usual practice of families touring the school, Rosary took precautions. For each of the tours, families were divided into small groups, and ambassadors led them through several small class presentations including English, math, science, etc.

Families had their questions answered by teachers and their ambassador tour guides during each station.

Michaela Watson, a prospective Royal, was interviewed about her first Open House and said her experience was, “very informative and welcoming. I loved going to each classroom! The ambassadors were good leaders and helped answer questions that I had. All the speakers were also very informative!”

Incoming freshman Michaela Watson.
Photo Credit: Giovanna Watson

English teacher, Ms. Barclay described her experience leading the English department at Open House: “It was great for families to get a feel for the school and although it was tiring to put on such a good show, it was worth it. Everyone went out of their way to help parents see the best of the school.”

Head of English Department Ms. Barclay.
Photo Credit: Rosary Academy

A couple of ambassadors were interviewed to highlight their experiences throughout the night.

One Ambassador Grace Markos ’22 spoke on her experience as a tour guide for families when she stated, “Besides how cold and long the night was, it was nice to see new families, and I would say it was a good learning experience.” Although it was cold, anyone would participate in this event for the good of the school.  As a thank you treat, students enjoyed a flame broiler meal provided at the end of the night.

Another Ambassador Gaby Guzman ’22 spent most of her night in the Math Department, where she highlighted her experience saying, “First, I always like to be in assistance and I loved helping the teachers in the classroom. Also, I really enjoyed meeting prospective families and sharing my math experience with them.”

Grace Markos ’22 and Gabriela Guzman ’22 before the cold night at Open House.
Photo Credit: Gabriela Guzman

Faculty and Ambassadors loved participating in this event and are excited to partake in upcoming opportunities online or in person. Rosary is all about sisterhood and cannot wait to meet more prospective Royals in the safest way possible!