600 Concerts in 40 Years


Tom Tice and his family meet country singer, Miranda Lambert, before her concert in New York in 2014. Photo provided by: Tice Family

Abigail Tice, Editor

Tom Tice and daughter, Abigail Tice ’22, at a Kelly Clarkson concert in 2009. Photo provided by: Tice Family
Tom Tice takes oldest daughter, Emma Tice ’13, to Coachella in 2009. Photo provided by: Tice Family
Tom Tice and son, Aidan Tice ’18, take a picture at a U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. Photo provided by: Tice Family

Tom Tice, Rosary’s athletic director and head softball coach, has been working in the Rosary community for almost 28 years. When he’s not on the softball field or in Trinity League meetings, he enjoys spending his time listening to music and going to concerts. Within the span of less than 40 years, Tom Tice has gone to more than 600 concerts.

Coach Tice’s first concert was in 1983 at the age of 13. Along with his three youngest uncles, he saw The Police, and other bands, at the Hollywood Park horserace track in Inglewood. He describes his first concert experience as: “Overwhelmingly joyous, spiritually fulfilling.” This concert was obviously very impactful in his life and sparked the fire of his love for live music.

Between then and now, he has been to many different venues and seen many different artists perform. His last concert before COVID was at the end of February when he and two of his closest friends drove to Arizona to see Dave Matthews Band, Jason Isbell, Dr. Dog, and Portugal. The Man at Tempe Beach Park just outside of Phoenix.

Believe it or not, even in this pandemic, live music still lives. Coach Tice’s most recent concert took place at the Drive-In OC at The Grove in Anaheim where he saw Dawes with his family. When asked about this show, he said, “They were excellent, and it was a relief to hear live music again. I’ve never stood next to my car and danced in a parking lot for a show before but it’s way better than nothing. It was fun to be able to honk for applause.”

Other than going to concerts, Coach Tice spent some of his time expressing his love for music by writing a 14 Chapter book. This book was written to his wife and three kids about how music shaped him into the person he is today. He discussed many different artists, bands, and experiences and how each of them specifically impacted him.

Being Coach Tice’s youngest child, I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from his book that pretty much sums it all up, “Finally, to my kids, my audience: I hope that in trying to understand who I think I am, I have allowed you glimpses into how I’ve tried to raise you. The essentially important things are all here, and I hope it didn’t take a book to remind you what’s essential. At the same time, if you were ever curious why I am the way I am, I hope a little bit of that is explained here. I love you.”

Tom Tice’s musical journey definitely will not stop here; he’s looking forward to the next 600. Who knows, maybe one of you will run into him rocking out at a concert in the future. Now you may be wondering, “Do the Tice siblings love music as much as their Dad does?” Well, the short answer is yes, but that’s an entirely different article.