Rosary Alumna: Hannah Yu


Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

Hannah Yu ’16, alumna of Rosary Academy, was an efficient staff writer for the Royal Reporter. She enjoyed having journalism with Ms. Barclay and made many memories. Let’s catch up with what she has been up to since graduating.


Q: What college did you attend after Rosary?

A: After Rosary, I attended Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I received a Jesuit education and completed my degree in Business Management in 4 years. During my junior year of college, I was able to study abroad in London for a semester!


Q: How have you been keeping busy?

A: During the pandemic, I’ve been keeping busy by applying for jobs and keeping up with my small jewelry business with my sister, Hailey, called Superlove Jewels. In the future, I hope to build a career in sales in the healthcare field.


Q: What do you miss about Rosary?

A: I miss the endless potlucks, my Lenovo, and not worrying what to wear everyday to school! I especially miss the rosary buns and iconic rosary crew socks.


Q: Favorite Memory in Ms. Barclays class?

A: My favorite memory in Ms. Barclay’s class would be when she tricked me into thinking that our vocabulary test was comprised with words that I’ve never heard of, but actually she made a different, harder vocab test for me to prank me!


Q: What is some advice for Rosary students?

A: Have lots of fun at Rosary and make the best during this Covid season. Rosary will definitely   prepare you for the college world and will continue to academically challenge you.

Ms. Barclay and Hannah Yu ’16 on Hannah’s graduation day. Photo Credit: Hannah Yu

During Hannah’s time at Rosary, Ms. Barclay describes, “I have so many memories of Hannah. I honestly remember her smile and laugh more than anything. I knew I could always play a joke on her and she’d be a good sport about it. She became my assistant her senior year and we had the most fun hanging out. She taught me all about fashion too. I miss Hannah so much! All time favorite student!”


Hannah Yu ’16 cherishes the time and relationships she formed at Rosary and continues to implement the lessons she learned her in real life. Rosary wishes Hannah success, and cannot wait to see what she accomplishes.