Why Seniors Should Go to Kairos


Alicia Ventura and Isabel Alderete

Picture this: It’s your senior year and life is happening. You are in the college application process and things start to get a little overwhelming. Then Mrs. Kearns, the Director of Campus Ministry, sends your class an email advertising a four day retreat called Kairos. What do you do?

Kaylee’s group helped her find support in people she didn’t know too well at Kairos.
Photo Provided By Kaylee Rysdon

Many seniors find it difficult to retreat from life (pun completely intended) for four full days in the midst of all the chaos. Some seniors might not even think that Kairos is worth the time (but it totally is).

Amelia Fiorentino was able to form unbreakable bonds with her group.
Picture Credit: Mr. Lyons

The Royal Reporter asked seniors who recently attended Kairos 58 about why it is necessary to attend in order to complete your Rosary experience.

First and foremost, seniors are able to grow their relationship with God. Senior Kaylee Rysdon commented, “I believe every senior should have the opportunity to go on Kairos retreat and open up their hearts to God.” In doing so, Kaylee was able to experience the wonders of trusting in God and being completely vulnerable with him.

Caroline Linton ’21 also had the opportunity to grow her relationship with God: “In learning more about my class, small group, and speakers, I was able to see the love and grace God allows us to partake.” Caroline felt and experienced God’s love throughout the entire retreat, and she believes that it would be beneficial for all seniors.

Another reason why seniors should go to Kairos is despite the dullness of the ongoing pandemic and restricting health procedures, the love and care each teacher and leader had for their students shined brightly. Brooke Bowen commented, “I am so happy to have gone during Covid. It shows how much our teachers care about us.”

Furthermore, seniors should attend Kairos to bond with their classmates and possibly form new friendships. Senior Amelia Fiorentino shared, “People should attend Kairos because it is such an amazing time to be with your classmates and connect with them. I formed bonds with girls I didn’t know very well prior to Kairos, and now I can trust them all completely.”

Caroline also commented on strengthening her relationship with her classmates: ” Sharing experiences and forming close bonds with my small group definitely has made me a better person and helped create a loving support system for my years past Rosary.” Senior year is the last year of high school, so Kairos is the perfect time to strengthen your friendships before departing for college.

Lastly, everyone should go to Kairos because it’s a nice break from life in general. While Kairos 58 was untraditional due to Covid-19, seniors typically spend four days secluded without technology, meaning no social media, no college apps, and no homework.

Caroline stated, “The retreat provided me a step outside the crazy, stressful world and refocused my priorities on what truly matters: my relationship with myself, friends and family, and God.”

Kairos is an amazing and transformative experience that all seniors should go on. Who wouldn’t want a four day break from school to strengthen your connection with God and your friends? If you’re interested, be sure to look out for an email from Mrs. Kearns during your senior year.

Stay tuned for fellow Royal Reporter Daniela Arias’ article about the senior’s experiences at Kairos!