Rosary Royal Works As Veterinary Assistant


Kolina Janji, Staff Writer

With all that is happening in the world around us today, any student can say that it is hard to focus on managing school on top of their normal after school activities. Such activities are usually related to sports, clubs, and smaller jobs like tutoring; however, Rosary student Rachel Klohnen ’22 takes on an entirely different job that isn’t commonly seen amongst students her age.

Rachel is a veterinarian assistant at Brea Veterinary Hospital. As a veterinarian assistant, her job is to help take care of the animal patients who are taken in for treatment.

When asked what it is like working there, she replied, “It’s honestly the best job I could ever imagine. You could get to know each patient and form a bond with every single one that comes in.”

Rachel holds one of her successfully treated patients. Photo credit: Rachel Klohnen.

“It is very fast-paced and stressful,” she continues, “but I enjoy being busy. There are some very sad and hard parts about working at a veterinary hospital, but it’s so rewarding.”

Rachel originally wanted to be a veterinarian like her parents; however, working there for a few months has made her become interested in being a registered veterinary technician (RVT). An RVT is almost the same as her current job; the only difference is a degree and passing a test.

In Rachel’s opinion, the best part about being a veterinary assistant is “being able to help animals.” In addition, the support of her coworkers makes the day incredibly fun for her.

Balancing a job on top of school can be very difficult, but it can teach students how to time manage their activities. “I am slowly but surely learning how to manage my time better,” explains Rachel, “and I know everything I learn now will help me in the future.” With this type of attitude towards working, Rachel will be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Dog gives Rachel a kiss of gratitude for her hard work. Photo credit: Rachel Klohnen
Rachel holding a very cute dog in a basket. Photo credit: Rachel Klohnen
Rachel hugging a shepherd puppy. Photo credit: Rachel Klohnen