Pros and Cons of Thrifting


Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Thrifting is a fun way to shop. Whether you’re downtown, out of town, or out of state, you can always find one nearby. Here is a list of pros and cons to decide for yourself, is thrifting good or bad?


1. According to There are many environmental impacts of thrifting. One of them includes “Less clothing in landfills”: “Americans throw away about 10.5 million tons of clothing every year. By buying secondhand,  you’ll be keeping plastic out of landfills and positively contributing to the decrease in worldwide textile demand and subsequent waste. Also, the environment in the workspace for fast fashion workers is described by the same site “as unethical and unsafe treatment.” Many global consumers set their workers to standards that are completely unreliable.

2. A second source from shares, “Thrifting is not a new concept! You can find thrift stores anywhere in the world. Many websites and apps also offer second-hand options ranging from the cheapest to most expensive brand-name clothes.”

3. Former alumna/thrifter Abby Carpenter ’20 highlights the pros of thrifting when she states, “Personally I believe there are no cons of thrifting. It’s economically and environmentally friendly. The fashion industry is the second hand polluting industry in the world, so by thrifting, you aren’t contributing to the industry’s unethical behavior.”

Abby Carpenter with her newly announced recycled clothing website called, “Recycled Styles.”
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1.The site “It takes longer to find things you actually need.” For instance, if you are looking for a limited time custom pair of Forever 21 socks, you may want to look on their website.

2. An econreview.berkeley titled one of their articles, “Solution to Fast Fashion Stealing from the Poor?” highlights how thrifting started for the benefit of lower-class citizens. There are speculations that in recent times, thrifting became a popular activity for wealthier citizens to splurge with no good intentions to save clothes for the needy.

3. Rosary student/thrifter Ryan Ohlman ’21 shared a con of thrifting, “Although I love thrifting, there is not always the best selection at thrift shops and can sometimes walk away empty-handed.

If you look at both pros and cons of thrifting which will you decide is best?

Ryan Ohlman ’21 in one of her favorite outfits she thrifted.
Photo Credit: Ryan Ohlman
Ryan’s Instagram thrift shop titled “Ryan’s Thrift.” Photo Credit: @ryansthrift on Instagram