Rosary Sports Update Covid-19 Edition


Julia Watson ’24 hard at work during triathlon practice. Photo by Coach Adam Harita.

Isabel Alderete, Editor-In-Chief

Due to Covid-19, Rosary’s sport year is looking a little different. Unlike the typical three season year, there are only two seasons, but with ten sports currently resuming practice, sporting Royals are happy to be back in the groove.

Senior Noelle Bermudez is so happy to be running again with her cross country team. She shared, “I’ve missed being able to run as a team during quarantine because running with a group is a lot more fun.”

While cross country is an outdoor sport, the team is still enforcing strict Covid guidelines. Noelle only removes her mask to take a sip of water or when she is socially distanced.

Like cross country, lacrosse is another outdoor sport that is currently practicing. They have been practicing for a while now, but the girls are making sure to social distance and wear masks. Grace Fairchild ’21 shared that the lacrosse team has been keeping in shape through conditioning drills and running. “Our season got cut short last year so being able to play with each other again has been very fun,” she stated.

Our championship basketball team has also been practicing since late August in the Karcher Center. Sophomore Colleen Schmitt shared some of the ways basketball is staying safe: “We are wearing masks during practice, we are social distancing, and we are sanitizing the ball frequently.”

Despite the new rules, Colleen is so excited to be back. Her favorite part of returning to in person practice is meeting the new freshmen and bonding with her team.

Colleen Schmitt taking a socially distanced selfie after practice. Photo by Colleen Schmitt.

Like Colleen, multi sport athlete Julia Watson ’24 is grateful to be practicing with her teams again. She is a member of the triathlon club, as well as the soccer team. Both sports teams have been practicing while keeping safe; at triathlon practice, she wears her mask before and after workouts; and at soccer practice, her and other teammates work out six feet apart.

Julia admitted to missing normal soccer practices, but she’s thankful to see her teammates again. “While wearing masks isn’t ideal, it’s necessary. We have found fun games and exercises we can all still do as a team,” she shared.

Like many of the Royal athletes, Athletic Director Mr. Tice hopes to return to normal practices soon. Until then, he recommends that students show their school spirit at cross country races, which will begin around Christmas: “I’m sure everyone wants to go watch football, water polo and volleyball this winter, but it could very well be that the sports are allowed to be played, but no fans are allowed.  Cross country races, spaced out at big parks, might be the only cheering opportunity for a while!”

While Rosary’s athletic year is looking quite unusual, athletes are keeping their spirts high. Be sure to follow Mr. Tice’s advice by showing your school spirit at cross country meets.