Why Should You Send Your Daughter to Rosary?


From left to right: Rosary seniors Noelle Bermudez, Alicia Ventura, Jonnie Robles, and Allison Mitts

Anna DiCrisi, Editor

A young girl’s teenage years are often stereotyped as the years in her life where she is overly dramatic, increasingly independent, and very emotional. While this is true (just ask my parents), these are also the most impactful years in her adolescent life. As she is growing up, her mind becomes very open and impressionable. If there was ever any choice that would impact the formation of a young woman’s mind and character, it is the decision on where she will attend high school.

I could start with the stunning college attendance rate and average student GPA. But I know as parents, you have heard these kinds of speeches a lot, and I am sure your daughter has as well. So, I do not plan on selling you on our school by merely talking at you through statistics or convincing you that Rosary is the only place for your daughter. But I can present you with a different set of promises. I can tell you that Rosary changed my life. I can tell you that Rosary is the best choice my family and I ever made. I can tell you that the people I met at Rosary have shaped me into the person I am today.

But no amount of anecdotes can perfectly encapsulate what Rosary has to offer. The school is an experience. It thrives on spirit and tradition and sisterhood and faith. Our school is made up of reassurances between classmates, hugs between friends, debates between students in an English class, and class cheers at spirit rallies. The only all-girls Catholic high school in Orange County, Rosary is the only place where girls truly find their voice. It helps cultivate something in a young woman that she did not even know existed. Rosary is when a young woman has full confidence in herself and the gifts that God gave her, and she stands up for what she believes in. And finally, Rosary instills faith. A strong faith in God and dedication to Mary, yes, but also faith in oneself and others. A community unlike any I have ever come across, Rosary teaches to have faith in those around you, to trust them, and to always help them. And Rosary helps students discover themselves so they can trust themselves, so they know that they will always strive to do the right thing.

When asked why she would tell her eighth-grade self to go to Rosary, senior Alicia Ventura says, “I would choose Rosary because Rosary gives me the opportunity to grow my faith and spirituality with a sense of sisterhood. I can learn to be a better Catholic while learning more about the world around me. After four years of doing both simultaneously, I have fallen in deeper love with the creator who so intricately made me and the world around me.”

English teacher Mr. Stegink, who is about to have a daughter, says, “I would send my daughter to Rosary because Rosary offers young women the opportunity to form special bonds of friendship that might not be possible at a co-ed school. The teachers care so much about the success of their students and do everything they can to empower them for life after Rosary. We remember that students are still children as well as young adults. We allow for them to still be kids and encourage them to grow in themselves and become who we know they can be.”

Now, I don’t know your daughter. But you do. You know what she looks forward to when she wakes up. You know what her favorite ice cream is when she feels sad. Although I don’t know that, I do know that Rosary will help your daughter not only reach her full potential but recognize her full potential in herself. And because you have the opportunity to go with your daughter on an incredible journey into adulthood, I ask you: What is most important to you about your daughter’s education? What characteristics do you want her second home for the next four years to have? While Rosary has fantastic education with first-class teachers and a variety of AP and honors classes, I doubt you said academics. Because the most important thing in a young girl’s life as she is growing into who she is meant to be is her character. Who she surrounds herself with, what she is involved in, where her heart is, who inspires her, and who she is—these are the important things. These are the focus of Rosary Academy.

For the lifelong friendships filled with joy she will make, for the intense laughter she will have, for the inimitable memories she will cherish—send her to Rosary. For the opportunities she will take advantage of, for the innovative ideas that she will bring to the table, for the fears she will overcome—send her to Rosary. For the independent and daring voice she will form, for the faith she will deepen, for the loving and full life she will begin to lead—send her to Rosary.