Alum Spotlight: Julia Toth

Veralie Naranjo, Staff Writer

Julia Toth is a former student of Rosary Academy, Class of 2020. She was on Rosary’s varsity water polo team and right before her senior year was going to end, her water polo team won CIF for division 2.

Julia is very happy where she is right now. She offers this advice: “To all my seniors who are stressing over college applications, don’t. God makes things happen for a reason. I applied to Harvard and I didn’t get in, but, I did get into Brown University and I absolutely love it. God sent me here for a reason.”

Julia still hasn’t started school until the Spring, but she has already met multiple people in her classes. She says, “Brown does a very good job at making you feel at home. I thought going into a big school I was going to be lonely but, I wasn’t. I already met a friend that I basically do everything with. Her name is Steph and she’s so amazing”.

During quarantine, Julia took advantage of time and was able to learn how to surf. Every morning at six, Julia would head to Huntington Beach with Nicole Culver ’21 and sometimes Veralie Naranjo ’21. Julia commented, “I miss Rosary very much. I miss being a part of the water polo team and seeing Mr. Bevins constantly yelling at us. Although I already graduated from Rosary, I don’t want to lose the connection I had with the team, so I sometimes go during the water polo practice to help out. But mostly because I miss feeling a part of a team”.

Julia continues her life and loves to make time for others no matter how complicated her life might be.

Julia is even open to helping any seniors who are stressed out. To all seniors she says, “Don’t be afraid to message me if you ever need help with anything. My Instagram is Julia_genevieve”.