Checking in with Former Royal Reporter Editor-in-Chief Kate Noden


Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

Last school year, Kate Noden ’20 served as the Royal Reporter’s Editor-in-Chief. Kate loved journalism, especially since Ms. Barclay was the teacher. Now, she is utilizing the useful skills she learned from journalism at Boise State University as an English major. Lets catch up with what Kate has been up to.

Q: What have you been doing in college lately?

A: I have already met so many interesting people from all around the country. You learn so much from hearing people’s stories. I spend a lot of my time in the library; as an English major, I have a lot of papers to write. But on the weekends I let myself relax, I have tried some really fun outdoor things like floating in the river, hiking, and swimming in mountain hot springs. My favorite days are game days because I love finally being able to be a part of the student section with boys.

Q: Are you enjoying college?

A: I have never been happier in my life! Leaving for college has been one of the best things I could have done for myself. I finally feel like I found where I fit in and can be myself.

Q: Why did you go to Boise?

A: I never thought I would be able to go to a four year university due to the financial side of things; however, Boise gave me a scholarship that made it an option. I took a chance and haven’t really looked back since. I couldn’t imagine my life not here.

Kate and her sorority sister having a blast at BSU. Photo Credit: Kate Noden ’20

Q: What is something you learned in journalism that you use today?

A: The Royal Reporter helped awaken my true passion for journalism, and I have decided to minor in it here at BSU. One thing I learned that I still use today is the importance of grabbing your reader’s attention in the beginning so they make it to the end of your article. This includes bright/engaging photos, good hook sentences, etc. Also I am currently applying to write next semester for the Boise State Student Newspaper.

Kate Noden ’20 with close friends Gracie Battaglia ’20 and Savannah Alvarado ’20 last Rosary soccer season. Photo credit: Kate Noden ’20

Q: What are 2 things you miss about Rosary?

A: I really do miss my friends that I made. Not being able to see them everyday is hard, but I know we are all starting our own lives and have crazy successful futures. I also miss Ms. Barclay and the journalism class almost every day; being able to openly brainstorm and run a newspaper while constantly cracking jokes and having a good time was the highlight of my week at Rosary.

Q: Any advice for Rosary students:

A:  Some advice I would give Rosary Students is to remind them that the moment you leave high school, no one remembers or cares anymore, so stop living your high school years worried about what other people think of you, because you will only miss out on amazing memories.

Kate Noden ’20 truly maximized her time at Rosary and is extremely grateful for her high school experience that has helped her get to get to Boise State University. Kate is having a great time at BSU meeting new people and experiences, yet still focusing on her academic goals. With her positive attitude, Kate will continue to do great things and the Royal Reporter Staff is excited to hear about them.