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Photo by Google Images

Photo by Google Images

Tina Enright, Staff Writer

     The Royal Reporter (RR) is looking to start a creative writing section on our site in the near future. It would include work from both writers on staff and in the Rosary community. Some students have already expressed interest and have some things to say.

    Creative writing club vice president Isabelle Brookshire ‘22 says she would love to contribute. She says, “I think that adding a creative writing section is brilliant! It think it’s a necessary addition to show off creativity and writing that we otherwise wouldn’t have seen.” When asked what she likes to write most, she explains, “I like writing poetry most because I have the most room for creativity. I really like how allows me to weave words in such beautiful ways.” Along with Isabelle, Creative Writing Club President Mary Nassar ‘22 has also expressed interest in supporting this section.

     There are several ways we can run this section. If they would like to, students on the journalism staff can submit creative writing pieces as part of their weekly articles. But because of the limited number of writers on staff, the Royal Reporter will be taking submissions from the Rosary community. Students can submit basically anything they want, as long as it’s appropriate and approved by our moderator Ms. Barclay. 

     Something else we could do is have some RR members write features on writers who submit work. This would depend, of course, on how often and how many people submit. We aren’t expecting a lot of contributors, so doing profiles on each writer would create article opportunities for writers in journalism. It’s a nice way to give students’ work an audience.

     The Royal Reporter would love to hear input and feedback from those in the Rosary community. If you have any ideas of your own you would like us to consider, let Ms. Barclay, myself, or any staff writer know. We’d love and appreciate your input.