Bodacious Backpacks


Caroline Linton ’21, Amelia Fiorentino ’21, and Serena Park ’21 showing off their ridiculously small matching backpacks. Photo provided by Serena Park

Serena Park, Copy Editor

Because we wear uniforms to school, Rosary students don’t always get to express ourselves through our clothes. But that doesn’t stop students from expressing themselves through their backpacks.

While many Rosary students use the uber trendy Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, or the classic Jansport to tote their belongings and materials for school, there are a few that opt for less traditional designs for their bag of choice.

Lauren Woolley ’21 displays her Joe Jonas backpack while a cardboard cutout of Joe gazes on.                        Photo provided by Lauren Woolley



This year, senior Lauren Woolley ’21 uses a custom backpack, patterned with Joe Jonas’s face. She says, “I chose this backpack because I am in love with Joe Jonas. In my opinion, he is THE best Jonas Brother. I wanted this backpack because I needed to be able to show him off to all of my classmates.”

Caroline Linton ’21, Amelia Fiorentino ’21, and Serena Park ’21 decided to purchase matching backpacks for their senior year.

Amelia says, “The three of us went to Target together to choose our backpacks and ended up finding the perfect set! Caroline got one with a purple narwhal design, Serena got a pink one with a llama, and I got a green dragon.”

Caroline adds, “Are they from the kids section? Maybe. Do they fit our laptops? Definitely not. Do we love them anyway? Absolutely.”

While the trio may love their ridiculously small backpacks, their English teacher, Ms. Young far from shares their opinion. She tells them, “I don’t understand why you’re using such small backpacks. It seems counterintuitive.”

Nevertheless, students will continue using their zany bags throughout the year, sparking the envy of all who see them.