Celebrating Rosary Day


Katie Thomas ’22, Julia Herman ’22, and Giovana Watson ’22 (left to right) posing with their new class rings after the Rosary Day ceremony Photo Credit: Giovana Watson

On Rosary Day, Friday, October 9th, the class of 2022 received their class rings and officially became upperclasswomen. After a beautiful mass and ceremony, juniors would normally make their way to Disneyland, but because of the pandemic, that was not possible this year. Consequently, juniors were looking for ways to celebrate.

The Royal Reporter reached out to a few members of the junior class to see how they celebrated their special day.

Lily Demman ’22 shared, “My friend Kate Curry ’22 invited me and other girls to spend the day on her boat. We had a lot of fun and got to swim in the water!”

Lily Demman smiling on the back of Kate Curry’s boat. Photo Credit: Lily Demman

Another junior, Giovana Watson said, “I thought that the Rosary Day mass and ceremony as a whole were beautiful. After the ceremony ended, I went out to lunch with a few of my friends at the Spaghetti Factory nearby, which was really nice. We practically had the whole outdoor dining section to ourselves! I know we were all looking forward to celebrating at Disneyland, but I feel grateful just to be able to celebrate with my Rosary sisters, especially now!”

Giovana Watson and her parents posing for a picture after Rosary Day.
Photo Credit: Giovana Watson

Keira Sarni ’22 decided to keep with tradition and visit the happiest place on earth—well, almost. She shares, “A couple of my friends and I went down to Downtown Disney and walked around, wearing masks. It wasn’t going to Disneyland, but it was really fun and a great way to celebrate us becoming upperclasswomen.”

Keira Sarni and Elena Walz snap a picture at Downtown Disney
Photo Credits: Keira Sarni

A few juniors, including myself, celebrated with an alumna. Usually, the class ring is presented by an alumna of your choice, but this year had to have a limited audience. Because of this, I asked Juliana Maldonado ’20 to celebrate at lunch and downtown Disney instead. It was incredibly special, and I was grateful to have spent the day with my Rosary family.

Anna DiCrisi and Juliana Maldonado’s makeshift ring ceremony at Downtown Disney
Photo Credit: Juliana Maldonado

Although this year brought changes to traditions, Rosary Day celebrated the junior class wonderfully. While not at Disneyland, the class of 2022, now official upperclasswomen, still cherished their special day.