Welcome Sra. Kam!


Photo provided by Gloria Kam Sra. Kam and her husband exploring the great outdoors on their hike.

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

Rosary welcomes another new addition to faculty-Sra. Kam; who teaches Spanish lll, Spanish IV, and AP Spanish Language and Culture.

To get to know Sra. Kam better, I had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Q: Where were you born and raised?

A: “I was born in Los Angeles, and raised in Palos Verdes. I went to public school for most of my schooling until I went to college at Loyola Marymount where I double majored in History and Spanish.”

Q: What spiked your interest in Spanish?

A: “You might imagine I grew up speaking Spanish but I didn’t. Although my mother was Puerto Rican and fluent in Spanish my father didn’t want her to speak to us in Spanish because at that time everyone thought that speaking Spanish would make you be behind in school. Later I took Spanish classes, and I loved it! My mom was also a high school Spanish teacher.”

Q: Why did you choose to teach at Rosary and what are the benefits and difficulties?

A: “As a prior Connelly teacher, I always been committed to an all-girls education and Rosary was as close as it got. Literally! I live an equal distance from Rosary and Connelly. For me, it worked out perfectly to teach here because I am a big advocate for all-girls’ education. Although that was an advantage, the disadvantages were obviously circumstances having to do with Covid, being on Zoom with the struggles with technology. Also, I usually end up memorizing each of my students’ names by the second class, but because of Covid, it is difficult to recognize students behind their masks as well as through distance learning.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about Rosary so far?

A: “My favorite thing about Rosary so far is the students. I have always loved the teen life, and the atmosphere is so fun to be around!”

Q: What are you looking forward to in your upcoming years teaching at Rosary?

A: “I don’t know if this will ever happen, but I would love to have my own classroom. For years I have been collecting unique and colorful items from all of the Spanish speaking countries. It is always fun to add a little personality aligning with what we are learning.”

Photo provided by Sra. Kam

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: “My son calls it a fake color but I have to say- poppy. (Like the flower, which is described as a color between red and orange)”

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: “No pets, but 5 kids”

Q: Favorite type of music?

A: “I like theatrical music, Catholic hymns and Spanish music.”

Q: Any fun facts:

A: “I have run a marathon and hiked the Half Dome in the Yosemite, did a 4-day hike to Macchu Picchu, and hiked Camino de Santiago in Spain. I also hike over 50 miles a week.


We are so happy to have Sra. Kam as a new member of Rosary faculty. We continue to welcome her and cannot wait to learn more about her love for Spanish!