Future Royal on the Way!


Rory Bevins

Veralie Naranjo, Staff Writer

As you’ve probably heard by now, beloved English teacher and water polo coach Mr. Bevins and his wife Stacey are expecting their first child in less than a month.

So many people are excited for his baby’s arrival including the water polo team he coached to a CIF title last spring.. The athletes couldn’t be more excited especially since, “he might tone down on practices since he is going to have a baby,” said Lauren Woolley ’21.

Mr. Bevins broke the news to the water polo team on a zoom call during the pandemic. The girls were ecstatic. Alexys Puche ’21 said, “We are so excited to meet her and hopefully she will play water polo.”

During the pandemic, the team made a drive-by visit to Mr. Bevins for his birthday and got a chance to see Mrs. Bevins’ baby bump. She said, ” I can’t wait to meet our baby girl and to see who she gets to look like more–Mr. Bevins or me.”

Mr. Bevins thinks their 3D sonogram shows baby Bevins looking “exactly like Stacey when she was a baby.”

You can tell how excited and ready Mr. Bevins is to meet his little baby girl. When congratulating Mr. Bevins for the first time, he said, “Thank you, I created that” with joy and happiness.

The Bevins family has picked out their name, but will keep it a secret until the day she is born. No matter what her name is, she is already a Royal.