Elite Water Polo Player


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

As another school year begins, another set of seniors face their destinies. For a lot of seniors, this can either be an enlightening or very stressful time but not for Veralie Naranjo ’21, an elite water polo player.

From a very early age, Veralie was training hard to become a professional waterpolo player.
Photo Provided By Veralie

On November 11th, Veralie plans to sign with Biola University. By signing with Biola University, she earns an athletic scholarship for that year and no other colleges can continue to recruit Veralie.

According to Veralie, Biola’s water polo coach, Sarah Orozco, reached out to her in mid-March. Veralie was in fact “shocked because it’s such an amazing school.” She loved the fact that it was a small Christian school.

Before having the option to sign for Biola University, Veralie had no idea where she wanted to go for college. She “just knew [she] wanted to help [her] parents out.” So, when the opportunity to get a one-year scholarship presented itself, Veralie immediately agreed.

Both Veralie and her parents are grateful now that they do not have to worry about the college application process. Of course, Veralie’s parents, especially her mother, Maria Naranjo, are also very proud of their daughter’s hard work and dedication throughout the years.

But just how long has Veralie been a hard-working water polo athlete? According to Veralie, she started playing water polo when was three-years-old. Veralie commented, “The reason I love water polo so much is because it’s different. Not many people know how physical the sport is.” She explained the best part of playing water polo is how physical the game can get “because you can leave all of your anger in the game.”

Water polo has always been in the Naranjo family, so it is no surprise Veralie’s older sister Gisselle Naranjo is the person who inspires her the most. Gisselle is also an elite water polo player who earned a full ride to UCLA. “Only being 5’1 she was the shortest [on the team] and [was still] kicking 6’2 girls’ butts. She is a hard worker at everything she does,” marveled Veralie.

Inspired by a hard-working role-model and blessed with a scholarship to Biola University, Veralie plans to work towards her dream of becoming a professional water polo player for the Mexican national team (just like her role-model and older sister Gisselle).

As time nears closer to her signing and ultimately her attendance at Biola, Veralie intends to enjoy her senior year as best she can by studying hard and playing more water polo.