Rosary Day Fashion 2020


Juniors Elena Navarro and Hannah Palos posing in their beautiful dresses. Photo provided by Elena Navarro.

Isabel Alderete, Editor-in-chief

Due to Covid-19, Rosary Day 2020 was a little different; unfortunately there was no Disneyland or school wide mass (only juniors and their families could attend the mass). Luckily, Juniors were still allowed to walk across stage and be presented with their class rings. Even better, juniors were still able to wear beautiful dresses to compliment their new bling. Despite a smaller audience, multiple juniors decided to go all out for their Rosary Day outfit.

Elena Navarro ’22 looked absolutely gorgeous in her attire. She purchased her floral pattern from Morning Lavender and styled it with silver jewelry to match her ring. She stated, “It was the perfect Rosary Day dress. The length was perfect for the church and the pattern was super cute.”

Like Elena, Junior Eloise Sherard also wore a floral print dress from Hello Molly. Her favorite part about her dress was the print: “I loved the red color with the gold flowers because it represented my class colors.” Eloise styled the dress with tan heels, a white mask, and gold jewelry.

Eloise Sherard and Erika Keuhl showing off their new bling. Photo provided by Eloise Sherard.

For this year’s Rosary Day, Daly Holman ’22 opted for a lovely green dress from Nordstrom. She found it when stores opened up after quarantine, and it happened to fit the Rosary Day guidelines perfectly; some of the guidelines included knee length dresses and thick shoulder straps. When styling her dress, Daly made sure to add a little school spirit. “I wore tan platform sandals because they were easy to walk in and I wore my favorite Rosary bedazzled mask,” she shared.

Juniors Daly Holman and Evelyn Levecke celebrating Rosary Day together. Photo provided by Daly Holman.

Similar to Daly, Junior Elena Walz also decided to showcase a green dress for Rosary Day. She purchased her dress from Urban Outfitters and decided to style it with a natural makeup look and espadrille wedges. Her favorite part of the dress was the color. She shared, “Green is one of my favorite colors and I also love wrap dresses. I’m so happy I found a dress with both.”

Elena Walz and Anna Dicrisi and their new class rings. Photo provided by Elena Walz.

While the entire school was not able to honor the new upper class women, everyone was there in spirit. All of the juniors looked beautiful, and we are so excited to see what you accomplish.