That Spooky Scary Feeling


Caroline Linton confronting her fear of cotton balls. Photo by Caroline Linton

Tina Enright, Staff Writer

It’s spooky season! Which means it’s time to talk about fear

Everybody knows fear. That quaky feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you want to do nothing but turn invisible. Some of us have less fears than others, but most of us will admit to being scared every once in a while. Some fears are pretty common and well understood, like the dark or clowns or death. But other fears are less common. Most of us have at least one fear that others wouldn’t consider rational (I used to be afraid of the wind, for example). With Halloween less than twenty-five days away, let’s hear from a few Royals who shared some of their biggest, strangest fears that most of us probably haven’t heard of before.

To start us off, we have senior Caroline Linton with a fear of tearing cotton balls. She says, “I hate it so much I literally shiver every time I think about it. Like if you had to torture me, tear cotton balls next to me and I’ll cry.” There is actually a name for this, if you can believe it. Caroline suffers from Sidonglobophobia. Fun fact, Michael Jackson is also believed to have had this phobia. 

Another senior Jasmine Vodhanel says she is afraid of water parks. She explains, “I really hate water parks, especially water slides. I don’t like how they are enclosed and dark and humid, but sometimes I go in them anyway because my family makes fun of me for it. It always feels like I can’t breathe inside them.” Strangely, Jasmine’s claustrophobic-like fear is limited to water slides. There is no documented name for this fear yet, at least according to Google.

Kiki’s fear: The Goat
Photo by Google Images

There seems to be a trend among the seniors to have oddly peculiar fears. Kiki Busch ‘21 is afraid of goats. She says, “I’ve never had a bad experience with goats or anything like that. I’m just very afraid of them. Llamas too. And horses. I guess it might have something to do with large four-legged animals, but I’m not sure.” The fear of goats is known as Capraphobia. It is actually not as rare of a fear as you might think. However, it is usually rooted in bad experiences with goats, which Kiki says she has not had.

Lastly, we have Kalee Bartholemew ‘21 with a fear of bass (the sound, not the fish). She says, “I have never liked the sound of the bass, and I don’t understand why it’s such an appreciated sound. Personally, it makes me feel like my heart is rattling in my chest. It makes me very uncomfortable.” The fear of bass specifically is not a documented fear. The fear of loud sounds in general, however, is called ligyrophobia. I have to agree with Kalee on this one- I don’t like the sound of bass either.

That’s it for this rendition of unusual fears in the Rosary community. Remember, don’t feel bad if you’re afraid of something strange! It’s obviously very common. There’s a good chance your fear has a name, so if you’re really curious, do a quick Google search to find out what it is.