United in Adoration


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

Six weeks ago, Mrs. Kearns ’78, the Director of Campus Ministry, and Mrs. Huerta ’94, the Assistant Principal of Activities, got together and brainstormed in an effort to have Servite and Rosary students spend more time with each other.

(From Front to Back and Left to Right) Kyle Gomecua ’21, Noelle Bermudez ’21, Rachel Cabero ’21, Destiny Martinez ’21, and Brooke Medina ’22 all enjoyed getting to meet and know each other.
Photo Credit: Alicia Ventura

As a result, for the very first time on Wednesday, September 30th, Rosary and Servite students got together on Rosary’s quad area for adoration under the stars.

Dominic and Ty both enjoy their chance to talk with their friends and have dinner before adoration.
Photo Credit: Alicia Ventura ’21

Jonnie Robles ’21 was very excited for adoration, especially to “see how Campus Ministry has adapted to the changes within our society during the pandemic.”

According to Mr. Angel, Servite’s Director of Campus Ministry, the main goal for adoration was getting students in front of Jesus while keeping them safe. Fortunately, Students were very cautious about being too close to each other.

As the evening began, students arrived with groups of friends but made sure to follow COVID guidelines. Everyone brought a towel or a mat to kneel on so as to maintain their distance from each other and still be able to worship the way they wanted to.

Once everyone had seemed to arrive, Mrs. Kearns began to dismiss students row by row to get their Flame Broiler bowls and waters.

While students ate, Rosary’s quad area was abuzz with conversation about how adoration would be. Allison Mitts ’21, Brooke Medina ’20, and Denise Martinez ’21 were all excited to create a better bond and a stronger community with their Servite brothers.

Even the Servite boys were thrilled about getting to have adoration with their Rosary sisters. Ty McDowell ’22 and his friend Dominic Martinez ’22, were both really happy to have adoration with their friends that went to Rosary. Ty added he liked adoration because of the calmness and peacefulness that comes with worshipping God.

During Adoration, Rosary’s Chaplain, Fr. Ian was available for reconciliation so as to give students the opportunity to completely unburden themselves during this holy hour.

Usually, students are able to hold on to the Altar’s ribbons as an imitation of the old hemorrhaging woman’s faithful act towards Jesus (Matthew 9:20–22, Mark 5:25–34, Luke 8:43–48), but because of COVID were unable to do so. In order to keep a sense of familiarity to the adoration, Mrs. Kearns made little baggies with pieces of ribbons (and tissues if there was crying) for each student to hold as they reflected.

There were also small rocks along with the baggies. Students were encouraged to imagine their rocks as symbols of their burdens and leave them to Jesus.

In the end, students were all grateful to have time alone with God. Some students were even able to rest in the spirit. In resting in the spirit, they exhibited their openness and submission to God’s power.

Brooke Medina shared, “I’m glad I attended because I got to see some of my friends in different cohorts and got to meet new people…it was lit and would 10/10 recommend anyone to go if we have another one.”

Now that school, sports and other activities have begun, it can be hard to discern whether or not one needs time alone with God. Luckily, Rosary and Servite’s administration has been on top of that. They have once again given their students time for a deep breath and a chance to start anew and unburdened.