Freshmen Picnic and Movie


Photo Credits: Lolani Blas

A night on the lawn

Serena Park, Copy Editor

This past Friday and Saturday, Rosary hosted a picnic and movie night for Rosary and Servite freshmen on the lawn.

With classes largely online this semester, many freshmen have not had many chances to meet their classmates in person.

While they were not able to have the usual freshmen picnic and subsequent dance, the Class of 2024 still had the chance to get to know each other better with a night of games, TK Burger, and Guardians of the Galaxy—socially distanced of course.

Siena Bran ’24 says, “I liked how I got to see some of my friends in person and meet new people. The burgers were also really yummy and Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun, feel-good movie!”

Servite senior Sam George ’21, who helped work the event, shared, “Even with Covid restrictions, it was nice seeing the freshmen get to know each other better.”