Royals Take on Texas Colleges


Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

Although this school year is different, college applications and acceptances are still on the Rosary seniors’ minds. With many campuses not offering in person tours, many Royals have to visit and explore the campus themselves. Recently, the most popular college tour destination of the season is Texas.


Many Royals have been safely and cautiously visiting various college campuses across the country. Ryann Ersek ’21 discussed her Texas trip, “I visited TCU, SMU, and University of Texas Austin because I really want to go to school in Texas next year. Since there were no available in person tours, my parents and I roamed around the campus and explored. I loved the culture and the idea of being in Texas.”

Ryann Ersek at the University of Texas, Austin. Photo Credit: Ryann Ersek


Other Royals have also felt the same desire to go to college in Texas including Yanely Rivas ’21 and Tara Fishman ’21. They also coincidentally visited Texas at the same time. Tara Fishman ’21 explains, “I was in Waco, Texas because I am interested in going to Baylor next year. I love the campus and what the school has to offer. Waco was so fun as I also visited Chip and Joanna Gaines’ store and restaurant Fixer Upper.”


Tara Fishman enjoying lunch at the famous Magnolia Market after touring Baylor University.  Photo Credit: Tara Fishman


Even with the pandemic, these Royals have quarantined and were very cautious while travelling out of state by following the safety guidelines and maintaining proper hygiene. Most of the Royals were able to explore the campus and what the school has to offer despite there not being any traditional college tours lead by a college student. These Fall college visits are crucial for many Royals so they can explore their prospective colleges.