Mr. Wilson’s Rise to TikTok Fame


Photo provided by: Elizabeth Martinez

Grace Duarte ’22 (Left) Mr. Wilson (Middle) Brooke Kizziar ’22 (Right) after a day of hybrid learning

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

As many Royals have catapulted into social media stardom, Some might recognize a Rosary faculty member who has gone viral on TikTok.


In the beginning, Rosary teacher Mr. Wilson had no idea what TikTok was. He expressed, “Before, many students in class articulated their positive opinions of the app TikTok. After they begged for awhile, I gave in and had to try it out. My first intention was to save videos I create to show my students on my laptop. Little did I know that my account was set to public.”


After this, he heard the news he was showing up on many students’ “For You Pages.” As more students found out, so did some teachers. Even though some fellow faculty from the English department lovingly made fun of him, he continued to make videos for students.


One student, Brooke Kizziar ’22 expressed, “At first I thought the rumors of Mr. Wilson having a TikTok account were all fake. Then I saw his TikTok about Zoom classes on my fyp [For You Page] and I was surprised that one of my teachers was making videos on TikTok. Although some adults make weird TikToks, Mr. Wilson’s are actually funny and entertaining. I KNOW he will be famous one day.”


When quarantine started, his fame grew even more. Mr. Wilson described his initial reaction saying, “I was aware that many students used this app and wanted to see more of my TikToks. For this reason, I knew that during boring times of Covid, students needed a good laugh. I felt this was the only way to connect.”


Grace Duarte ’22 agreed with Mr. Wilson saying, “I love Mr. Wilson’s TikToks. They make me laugh a lot and during quarantine I felt like he was reaching out to us through the app because he knew how much we enjoy it.” Graces favorite Tiktok was when Mr. Wilson joked about the awkward silence on Zoom with students constantly muted.


Since school has started, you may be wondering: What is Mr. Wilson up to now? Recently, he has been preparing for the start of hybrid learning. Very proud of his Trader Joes or “Trader Wilsons” themed classroom, he posted a tour of the classroom on TikTok which resulted in 300,000 unexpected views.


Mr. Wilson showing off his newly designed classroom.  Photo Provided by Mr. Wilson


With his uprising fame, Mr. Wilson emphasized, “I was pleasantly surprised due to all the positive feedback, but then realized that I felt pressure to post more and recognized how it can be easy to get caught up in that world.”


In recognizing how easy it was to get swept up in expectations and standards, Mr. Wilson offered this piece of advice, “Never change yourself because of views and likes, or stick to expectations of others. Most importantly, recognize that an app is not your life and focus on your true passions.”


In the future, he plans to continue to post classroom/teaching TikToks in his spare time, but as of right now, his primary goal is to focus on the reopening of school and hybrid learning.