Servite Football: Stand By


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

The new school year has started and classes have even begun to take place in person, but there is still one part of the fall season missing: Servite’s football games.

Connor and some linebackers participated in a tournament Pre-pandemic and bonded together.
Photo Provided by Connor McClure

Royals have not been out on the stands with their spirit wear supporting their Servite brothers or enjoying themselves at tailgates.

Fortunately, the season is not completely lost. According to Servite’s Football News website, “Volleyball has been moved to a ‘fall’ sport and will be played along with Football, Water Polo and Cross Country beginning in December-January.”

Senior Connor McClure, a varsity football player, shared that the football team has been conditioning and getting ready for game season while social distancing. They have also been running through plays and drills together.

Although the football players have been safely conditioning separately, they have not been able to bond as well as they would have before the pandemic. Connor explains it is not the same because of the separation and lack of bonding they would usually do in the weight room.

Even then, Connor assures that the football players are excited to begin competing and showing off the hard work they have been putting in since before the Pandemic even started. Connor added, “Our coaches are excited as well and we can see how much they care that only makes us work harder.”

In spite of the socialization and team spirit the football players have been deprived of this season, they have made the best out of their situation. So, when the time comes, go support the friars at their football games and show some school spirit. But remember, be safe!