New Teachers Thoughts on Hybrid

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

This 2020-2021 school year, Rosary Academy has welcomed many new teachers. Transitioning into a new work space and not being able to see students in person can be very difficult, but the Rosary Academy faculty and staff have done an amazing job of motivating their students, assisting them as much as they can, and planning out lessons everyday while also carrying on with their own personal lives.

Although Zoom has been a great and efficient resource for teachers and student, Rosary has moved into a hybrid model. New teachers are happy about hybrid and cannot wait to meet all of their students for the first time, even if it is only 50% of them each day.

Mrs. Kam is a new faculty member at Rosary Academy and is currently teaching Spanish. She states, “I have been on campus daily to Zoom (because I have two other Zoomers at home). It has been so quiet that apart from my students on Zoom, many days I have only seen the security guard and Mrs. Oliver! I am so excited to have my students in person. So much about teaching is relationships and they are not so easy to build on Zoom.”

Ms. Rieder, a new U.S History teacher this school year states, “I have been eager to get in person instructional time with my students as it is a lonely world cracking jokes to a muted Zoom classroom. I’m grateful we have a team working to do what’s best for our student’ education while also keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind. One day we will all look back proud of how we rose to the occasion and I’m excited to finally feel like I’m getting the Rosary experience!”

More faculty and staff like Ms. Rieder and Mrs. Kam can not wait to transition to hybrid and see every students’ face. New teachers have worked very hard and are excited to finally get the full day in the life of a Rosary teacher.