Parents and Back to School Night


Photo Credits: Andrea Barclay

Ms. Young’s organized and detailed outline of the hybrid schedule.

Anna DiCrisi, Editor

Supporting their daughters, Royal parents have had to go along with many confusing changes, regardless of their fears or doubts. When it comes to virtual learning and the hybrid schedule, Laura DiCrisi was very honest with the Royal Reporter about her fears and expectations: Is there a good foundation of communication? How do the students stay engaged? How do the students build connections with the teachers?

On Wednesday, September 16th, Rosary tried to clear the confusion up with Back to School Night. Parents got the chance to hear the hybrid plan and meet all of their daughter’s teachers.

Mrs. DiCrisi logged onto zoom and listened to both Dr. Pautsch and seven teachers speak about the new schedule and plan for the year.

After a few hours of talks and teacher presentations, Mrs. DiCrisi said, “The teachers were very approachable and their personalities shined through zoom. Even though online school can seem scary, it was clear that the experience was still there.” However, she continued, “I am concerned that my daughter will not get the same academic time. The hybrid schedule is shorter than both the normal and online one.”

Although meeting the teachers seemed to restore her faith, the lack of instructional time in the hybrid schedule still seems to raise concerns.

Nancy Walz, mother of Elena Walz ’22, was also open to giving her thoughts about the hybrid schedule. She shared, “I like that our school leaders created a schedule where students can remain on campus after face-to-face instruction, have lunch on campus, and get homework done. Then at 3 PM begins afterschool sports. This is a huge help for parents not having to drive as much. This schedule also allows more on campus time for students after their face-to-face learning day.”

Uncertainties aside, it seems Back to School Night helped clear up some confusion and raise the hopes of families who may have been concerned about the condition of teaching. We will take that hope with us as we go head-first into a new world of hybrid learning next week on Tuesday, September 22nd.