Life before and after COVID-19: Servite Edition


Photo Credits: Collin Middleton and Sandra Cardenas Left: Jack Mura ’21 hiking after quarantine. Right: Xavier Cardenas lll playing in Arizona after quarantine.

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Writer

On March 13th many students expected a two-week spring break, but due to COVID-19, life drastically changed. Two students from Rosary’s brother school, Servite High School expressed their opinions on how living during a pandemic affected their daily lives.

The first student, Xavier Cardenas ’22 expressed what life was like at the start of quarantine. He said, “I had an even balance between online school and family life.  Also, all sports and opportunities that came with school were canceled so school was my main focus.”

Left: Xavier Cardenas lll and Right: Xavier Cardenas Sr. hiking in the woods with family during quarantine. Photo Credit: Sandra Cardenas


After the stay at home order was lifted, Xavier stated, “After experiencing many months online, I realized that I would rather go back for in-person schooling. Online school was more of a challenge, but I learned to be more dependent on myself in general. This included long nights of training for baseball, which paid off due to opportunities to play nationally.” Through the expectations that come with being an independent scholar-athlete, Xavier’s hard work during quarantine paid off.

Left: Xavier Cardenas lll ’22 and Right: Blue Jays scout after the game in Georgia. Photo Credit: Sandra Cardenas


In contrast to Xavier, Servite student Jack Mura ‘21 expressed an opposite opinion, “I enjoyed how classes were thorough but quick. Although there were downsides with extra-curricular activities being taken away, there was at least an advantage with the schedule of online classes.”



Jack Mura ’21 after Servite Orientation 2020.  Photo Credit: Collin Middleton


After the stay at home order was lifted, Jack said, “With the schedule I created, I was inspired to get a job. This was more work, but I still made time for school. Due to this, I would honestly be happy with staying online. Going back to school will be more challenging, but I have learned to not limit yourself and to do as much as possible because you never know when that moment can be taken.” Jack highlights how he overcame the struggle and used it as an option for more opportunities.

Left: Hailey Yu ’21 and Right: Jack Mura ’21 working their morning shift at Jamba Juice. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez


Whether it’s late-night practices or early morning work shifts, each of these Servite students set their standards high.