Trends of the Season

Rapper Travis Scott in front of a Mcdonald's in Downey, California

Rapper Travis Scott in front of a Mcdonald’s in Downey, California

Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

As we wrap up summer, we fall into fall, and there are so many trends to kick off the season.

A few weeks ago, McDonald’s released a collaboration with rapper Travis Scott. The collaboration offers the ‘Travis Scott Meal’ which includes a quarter-pounder with cheese, a medium order of fries, barbeque sauce, and a Sprite. This meal proves to be popular, leading to shortages in many McDonald’s locations. The famous rapper recently visited the original McDonald’s location in Downey, California.

Another fall food trend that has been trending all this year is oat milk. Sales in oat milk have sky rocketed due to its similar taste and texture to regular milk. Oat milk is increasingly popular due to its sustainability to manufacture compared to other alternative milks like almond milk. Oat milk is now a regular creamer option at most coffee shops including Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

Oat milk is now available at majority of coffee shops. Photo Credit: Google Images

A fall fashion trend is leather jackets. Celebrities and influencers alike have been featured sporting leather jackets in all colors from red and green, to the classic black. The jacket is very versatile and will last through the season and carry into winter.

Another fall favorite is cardigans. People are crazy for cardigans this season as cardigans are a light, feminine alternative to a sweater or jacket, which is often too hot in the Southern California weather. The most popular type of cardigans are those with similar silhouettes and colors from the 90s-early 2000s.

Ryann Ersek sporting a cute and simple cardigan for the Fall. Photo Credit: Ryann Ersek

Along with these other trends, one fall trend students miss at Rosary is the chocolate chip cookies. Last fall, these cookies made their debut with the new food service on campus. The freshly baked chocolate chip cookies embodied the fall comfort at school. Although it won’t be offered on campus, it is still a piece of Rosary’s fall time.