Royal Influencers


Photo by Mckenzie Luskey

McKenzie Luskey smiling for a selfie on Instagram.

Adriana Arroyo, Staff Writer

Royals make an impact on everything. From sports to academics, students leave Rosary inspired to make their mark on the world. Many alumnae are making a difference and reaching out to others by sharing their lives and spreading positivity on social media.

McKenzie Luskey’ 17 is a social media influencer. With over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, McKenzie is one of the many young creators addressing real-life issues such as mental health, self-esteem, and even heartbreak on her channel. McKenzie shared how her love for makeup and beauty inspired her to start posting videos and said, “I saw a video of this girl demonstrating how to put in hair extensions and just fell in love with the beauty side of YouTube.”

With videos titled, “A Week In My Life as a College Student,” and “How I’m Dealing With Heartbreak,” McKenzie gives her audiences an inside look at her life and takes on the “big sister” role to many of her younger viewers. Although McKenzie centers her channel around giving life advice, she also feels the pressure many influencers face and shared, “I feel a lot of pressure when posting on social media because other content creators stress consistency in order to be successful. In other words, if I’m not in the right mindset to post or film, it doesn’t seem like a valid reason not to.”

Summer Mckeen (left,) Olivia Royre (middle,) and McKenzie Luskey (right) laughing at dinner. Photo provided by McKenzie Luskey

Despite sometimes feeling the pressure of having a big following and having to post consistently, McKenzie loves the positivity and support she gets from her followers. “My favorite part about having an audience to share my life with is the sense of “family” I get from them and how supportive they are! My followers don’t even feel like “fans,” it just feels like I have hundreds of thousands of best friends.”

Asia Avinger’ 20 is another alumna with a large social media following. With 300 thousand followers on Tik Tok and 13 thousand on Instagram, Asia makes sure to encourage her audiences in any way she can. Her Tik Tok videos range from relating to athletes and their struggles, giving helpful advice for hair routines, and doing Tik Tok dances with her brothers.

Asia Avinger working hard at practice. Photo provided by Asia Avinger

When asked about how she achieved her Tik Tok fame, Asia said, “At first when I started growing, I was new to it all so I was still trying to figure out how everything worked. I had about 15 thousand followers in January. Then it got more fun and a couple of my videos blew up. Now, I have 300 thousand followers.” When asked about how she feels having such a large social media following, Asia shared, “The people on here are so positive and it’s rare I get any negativity. Also, on Instagram and Tik Tok there are so many opportunities to build your name and your brand.”

On her Instagram, Asia shares fun details about her life like her dedication to basketball and exciting offer to play at San Diego State University. “My favorite part about having a following is that you can inspire a lot of people to spread positivity and have a good heart,” Asia commented.

Rachel Linton’ 19 began rising to Tik Tok fame after posting a video asking Noah Schnapp, also known as Will Byers from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, if he would like to go to prom with her younger sister, Caroline Linton’ 21.

Noah Schnapp and Caroline Linton “posing” for their prom picture. Photo provided by Rachel Linton

Rachel’s video was loved by the Tik Tk community and ended up with 2.2 million likes, 8.1 million views, and even a few comments from Noah Schnapp. Rachel shared her initial reaction to the prom video going viral and said, “It was surreal and honestly so crazy for me! I remember posting the prom video as a joke for Caroline and all of a sudden it was getting thousands of likes and comments.”

After the video went viral, Rachel gained thousands of followers and her Tik Tok platform grew. Rachel commented on whether or not she feels pressured by her immense following to create good content and said, “Having so many followers is exciting but I still enjoy Tik Tok the same. I remember posting my first few videos after I blew up, and I was concerned that people would unfollow me or that I wouldn’t be as popular. Now, I just make what I like and hope it can make people smile.” With currently 112 thousand Tik Tok followers, Rachel hopes to spread love and positivity on her account while having fun at the same time.

These three Rosary alumnae have been able to encourage and inspire audiences through their social media platforms. Tune in to what they share and have to say on their social media here!

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