Quarantine Brings Families Together


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

Amidst busy schedules, bonding and getting to know family members on a deeper level was often not a priority. However, since quarantine started, Rosary’s Royals have had enough time to bond with family members and become closer than ever.

Tina has really enjoyed spending so much time with her nieces and getting to know them.
Photo Credit: Tina Enright

Leilani Morales ‘21 and her cousin Carolina never spent as much time as they did in quarantine; they only really talked with each other at family dinners.

Coloring is one of the many things Tina and her nieces enjoying doing together when they spend time together.
Photo Credit: Tina Enright

Over quarantine, Leilani and Carolina bonded by texting back and forth constantly and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Leilani found out her cousin had an immense love of K-pop (Korean Pop) music and anime.

After having the time to get to know her cousin, Leilani grew to even be inspired by her. Leilani explained, “She inspires me to become a better me and grow my own Self-confidence as well.

Tina Enright ’21 has also had a lot of time to bond with two young family members. Tina’s nieces, Hailee (age 4) and Brooklyn (age 2), moved in with Tina over quarantine which brought about hours of playtime and fun.

Tina babysits her nieces from Saturday to Tuesday, spending time coloring and building houses with Legos. According to Tina, “Hailee’s new favorite thing to do is play plants vs zombies on [her] phone with [her], and she’s gotten pretty good at it.”

Maria Garcia ’21 and her two younger brothers have been closer than ever due to the extra time they’ve spent together.  Throughout quarantine, Maria and her brothers, Sergio and Diego Garcia, even made and put on face masks together!  They also had wrestling matches, movie nights, and driving adventures together.

After all that time spent together, all three siblings were able to get to know each other on a deeper level. Maria explained, “We have gone through highs and lows together, since there was no one else haha.”

As they spent more time with each other, Maria realized how much she loved and appreciated her brothers. She noticed their good qualities such as Sergio’s willingness to help her with anything and Diego’s innate desire to make her laugh. They also talked about issues they normally wouldn’t talk about with other people which bonded them closer as siblings.

Despite the boredom while being stuck inside, these three Royals were able to make the best of quarantine and build relationships with people they already knew but did not understand. Sometimes, it takes a pandemic to bring people together.