Freshmen, Freshmen, How Do You Feel?


Photo Credits: Grace Horeczko '22

Clara Horeczko '24 and her setup for online school.

Anna DiCrisi, Editor

Four weeks into freshman year, the class of 2024 shared their thoughts on online learning and adjusting to life in high school.

Going into freshman year is always a big change, but this year brought many extra challenges. Without in-person contact, everyday interactions such as meeting other students and getting to know teachers have become even more difficult.

Wanting to hear how Rosary’s youngest class is feeling about their transition, The Royal Reporter reached out to the class of ’24.

Some freshmen are joyfully adapting to the Royal community. Optimistic as ever, Clara Horeczko shared, “Making friends was super easy. All the girls are really nice and inclusive. The teachers are answering emails fast and keeping us all on the same page. Teaching online isn’t easy, but they make it seem easier.”

There are, of course, a few downsides to online school. Isabella Delgado projects her thoughts on those difficulties and says, “Basically, making new friends is hard because even though you get one-on-one time, let’s say in a breakout room, it is still over a screen and the class is over very quickly.”

While this year presents the freshman class with a new set of challenges, the positives of our Rosary community always pull through.

To the freshman class, do not be afraid to put yourself out there and make new friendships. After all, your time at Rosary is special, and these first few weeks have already zoomed by!