The New Seniors on Campus


Senior Penelope Hoyos smiling for her first day of Zoom classes. Photo by Penelope Hoyos ’21.

Isabel Alderete, Editor-In-Chief

On August 17th, many new students joined the Rosary community through Zoom. Among them were multiple seniors transferring from Connelly. While starting their senior year virtually may not be ideal, many of the new Rosary seniors are trying their best to make this year as normal as possible.

Senior Tahlia Garcia wasn’t too nervous about starting at Rosary, but she was not looking forward to meeting new people over Zoom. However, she told the Royal Reporter the transition was pretty seamless. “The Royal Welcome for transfers was a great way to be introduced to the vibrant Rosary community and traditions while getting to know some of my classmates,” she stated.

So far, Tahlia is enjoying her time at Rosary. Her favorite class is AP Lit with Ms. Young. “I love her book choices and she is very engaging- even over Zoom,” she shared. Tahlia has also joined the Environmental Club as a board member, and she plans to join Rosary’s mock trial team as well. She can’t wait to get back on campus so she can experience some Rosary traditions and have a great graduation.

Like Tahlia, Gabriela Mercado ’21 is transitioning well into Rosary. She acknowledged the difficulties of transferring high schools online, but she’s thankful for her Rosary sisters for making the experience enjoyable.  She shared, “Over Zoom it’s difficult to make connections and experience the Rosary community to its fullest, but everyone has made me feel very welcome.”

Gabriela Mercado looking excited for her senior year. Photo provided by Gabriela Mercado ’21.

Gabriela is also looking forward to experiencing Rosary traditions such as Red and Gold and Rosary Day. She hopes to have a senior prom and to get back on stage as soon as possible with Trinitas Arts Conservatory.

While Tahlia and Gabriela had a smoother transition, seniors Penelope Hoyos and Anais Jimenez have had a more difficult time starting on Zoom. They both found it difficult to meet new people and make friends. “It’s really different from normal school. It’s harder to make new friends and meet people, and I feel like I see a new person every day,” explained Anais. Both Penelope and Anais haven’t gotten used to the new technology, but they expect it get easier once campus opens up.

Both seniors are overcoming these difficulties one day at time, and they can’t wait to be fully immersed in the Rosary community. To help meet new people, Penelope decided to join the swim team. Penelope shared, “Although it’s been hard getting back into shape, the coaches are super nice and the team is fun to practice with. I can’t wait for this season.”

Overall, these Connelly transfers are looking forward to an amazing senior year. Despite starting on Zoom, these young ladies are making the best of the situation. If you see any of them in class, or any new student in general, be sure to say hello.