Birthday Celebrations during a Pandemic


Photo Credit: Mrs. Castellana

Dorothy Castellana celebrates her 16th birthday from home.

Abigail Tice, Editor

Since the start of quarantine back in March, many people have not been able to celebrate their birthdays in the way they had planned. For many Rosary students, it was hard to adjust to this new way of life, but they made it work. Whether it was a drive-by parade with friends or just a family dinner, these Covid-safe birthdays were definitely ones to remember.

Only a month into quarantine, Daly Holman ’22, had her friends participate in a drive-by birthday parade for her 16th birthday. Daly provided cookies for all of the guests, which were kept in plastic bags to keep the celebration as sanitary as possible. Once her guests made their way to the front of her house, they could drop off her present, and take a picture in front of a themed backdrop, all from 6 feet away.

Although this was not how Daly thought she would spend her sweet 16, she admitted that it was actually very enjoyable, “At first I was a little sad that I didn’t get to actually hang out with my friends, but it ended up being a lot of fun!”

Along with Daly, recent Rosary graduate Riley Hawkins ’20 had a surprise drive-by birthday parade. All of Riley’s closest friends planned to gather their cars in the Rosary parking lot before they made their way up the hill to her house. Riley was so happy that she was able to see her friends, even if it was from 6 feet away.

Other than drive-by parades, there have still been many other ways for Royals to celebrate. Dorothy Castellana ’22 spent her birthday watching a movie with her parents, and having a socially-distanced picnic outdoors. She shared, “Actually, one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had was the one I had over quarantine because I got to see all the people I love in one day, which doesn’t happen very often. Plus, most of it was from the comfort of my own home!”

In May, Kennedy O’Connell ’22 was able to enjoy her 16th birthday with just her family. She and her relatives stayed home and spent time talking over dinner, Kennedy said, “It was a humbling experience, I got to spend my birthday with only my family which truly made me realize how blessed I am. It also made me appreciate my friends that much more because it made seeing them after my birthday that much better.”

All of these celebrations, along with many more, were 100% safe since all of them followed the guidelines provided by the CDC. Let’s hope by next year they can all celebrate the way they did before this pandemic.