Royals at Work


Brooke Edwards

Brooke Edwards working at Natura Bowls in Yorba Linda

Hailey Yu, Staff Writer

On top of juggling school, sports, and social life, many Royals also have after school jobs. Some jobs vary from babysitting to working at a retirement home. Even through the pandemic, some students were even considered essential workers because they still had to work.

Brooke Edwards ’21 explains, “I work at a smoothie and bowl shop where I have to clean and prepare food for the customers. I love working here because I enjoy blending and making the açaí bowls.” Brooke enjoys being able to have a hands on learning experience in the food industry.

Lauren Mckeever ’21 explains her job, “I work at Brookdale which is an assisted living center so I serve and prepare meals for the residents.” She discusses how at Brookdale, she is able to make relationships with the residents as well as learning the skill of dealing with many types of people and customer service. Through the pandemic, Lauren still worked at Brookdale as it was not shut down since it is a health care facility.

Lauren Mckeever at her job at Brookdale. Photo credit: Hailey Yu ’21

Tara Fishman ’21 discusses, “I babysit for two different families for kids who are under 4 years old. Even though it can be a challenge, I really enjoy watching and playing with them.” Tara describes how she believes babysitting is a great hands on learning opportunity on how to take care of kids.

Tara Fishman babysitting and stroller pushing in Newport. Photo Credit: Tara Fishman ’21

These busy Royals are always on the go from school to work. Brooke Edwards describes how she manages to do both. She explains, “it’s really about time management and setting priorities on what to do.” She shares how she believes having a job helps her prepare for the real world and having to practice time management skills.

California laws mandate minors can only work 4 hours on the weekdays which also helps students stay on track with school. Although these Royals work very different types of jobs, they still face similar challenges like managing their work and school.