How People Are Making Time for Self-Care During Quarantine


Sofia Pasino

Julissa Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Self-care is the practice of taking care of ourselves and understanding what we need mentally and physically. Before COVID-19 hit, many people relied on activities such as exercise, therapy, and going to a salon for self-care.

On March 23, after the Governor of California announced that all non-essential places must shut down due to COVID-19, many people had to find a way to practice self-care at home. Especially during a worldwide pandemic, it is easy to get stressed, which means that we all need a little bit of time away from the news and social media.

Taking time for ourselves can even be doing the smallest tasks like reading, coloring, doing a quick workout, cooking, or even just going out for a small afternoon walk. All of these tiny tasks will help release any stress that you have on your mind.

Many people were thrown off track when the pandemic affected their routine. Natalie is a sixteen-year-old student at Cypress High School who loved to go out and get her nails done before COVID-19 hit. Natalie stated, “I loved getting my nails done at a nail salon. When I heard they were closing down due to Coronavirus, I was sad, but at the same time it gave me an opportunity to do my own nails. Doing my own nails is a way for me to calm down and do art.”

Natalie’s beautiful nail set-up. Photo Credit: Natalie C.

Rosary Junior, Sofia Pasino’ 22  had a couple of ways to practice self-care at home during COVID-19. Sofia stated, “My dad set up an at home gym so I worked out a lot and tried to read at least one chapter of my book every night.”

My aunt Marlene Gonzalez had her own routine everyday which included a time for her to work out with a personal trainer after she fell in love with staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. Marlene stated, “When Coronavirus hit and all nonessential places were to close, it was hard for me to keep the same schedule, but after a while, I started to return to my routine. It definitely helped me to forget about COVID-19 and any other stress.”

Always remember that self-care is not the same for everyone and will look different depending on your own mental and physical state. Make sure that you always take some time off, whether that is every week or every other week, to focus on yourself.