Open for Business and for You


Alicia Ventura, Editor-in-chief

This summer, it was impossible to miss the various businesses that were closed down due to the hard economical impact of Covid-19. This week the Royal Reporter decided to look into some of the small businesses that were able to stay open during the pandemic and their procedures to stay in business.

Basilio Valdez takes pride in his toy shop and being able to provide joy to children during the pandemic.
Photo Credit: Steve Valdez ’20

Bueno Toys, a small shop in the Bristol Swap Meet located in Santa Ana, really struggled with affording their space in the indoor swap meet. Basilio Valdez, the shop owner, was forced to close his shop for two months, and still continue to pay the rent for his space in the swap meet.

Hailey Yu’s favorite part about her business is being able to see her pieces on her friends and on people she does not know.
Photo Credit: Hailey Yu

In order to have some kind of income, Basilio sold bikes and other items. Luckily, he was able to get by enough to stay open. After the two months of being quarantined, shops began to open including the Bristol Swap Meet. Basilio was finally able to open his toy shop for business.

Basilio tries his best to have everything around his shop sanitized and safe for his customers.  Just as any other establishment, both he and his customers are required to wear masks. He also keeps hand sanitizers around his shop and sanitizes his hands after every transaction.

Green Bliss—The Café, a small coffee shop in Fullerton, succeeded in staying open during Covid-19. When the Royal Reporter spoke with the café owner, Andreina Di Zio, they admitted that staying open was particularly difficult.

Andreina explained that they were able to stay open by following the rules.

They keep their customers six feet apart and they use hand sanitizer, but their most successful adaptation to restaurant regulations is moving their eating area outside. Imitating European dining customs, Green Bliss’ outside dining area (along other business’ eating areas) has encouraged people to show up and enjoy their meals under shade thus, keeping this café in business.

Despite the hardships of many small business owners, Hailey Yu ’21, an entrepreneurial Rosary senior, and her small jewelry business thrived during the quarantine.

The increase of online sales presented Hailey with an opportunity to create and sell jewelry. Her business SUPERLOVE JEWELS was then started.

Although classes have started, Hailey has made it work by finishing her school-work first and then answering orders she gets through direct messaging on Instagram. She is the main head of her business, but she also gets help from her older sister through advice and mentoring.

Entrepreneurs all over the country have worked diligently to keep their customers safe. Luckily, Bueno Toys, Green Bliss—The Café, and SUPERLOVE JEWELS are all local businesses, and they survived the economic downturn of the pandemic.

Here is their information:

Bueno Toys: 1204 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704—Store #B.2

Green Bliss The Café: 305 N Harbor Blvd #103, Fullerton, CA 92832

SUPERLOVE JEWELS: @superlovejewels