Life before and after COVID-19 for Rosary Students


Photo Credits: Iliana Macias and Theresa Ceman

Left: Cayla Castenada 22′ enjoying a day at the beach after quarantine. Right: Theresa Ceman 22′ enjoying a day indoors after quarantine.

Elizabeth Martinez, Staff Editor

Life drastically changed at the start of March 2020. On March 13th, many high school students expected an extended spring break, but little did students know that those extra two weeks would turn into several months.

Students’ lives went from outdoors to indoors at the beginning of quarantine. One student, Cayla Castaneda ’22 spoke on how she felt during quarantine, “I really liked it in the beginning because school had just been canceled and Spring break was extended. I was able to sleep in, watch TV all day, and take a long-awaited break from sports. As quarantine extended, I realized that being inside all day was boring. I missed life like how it used to be, hanging out with friends, being able to go out, and not worrying about wearing a mask.” Cayla agrees that life has drastically changed and hopes that it will go back to normal soon.

After the stay at home order was lifted, Cayla expressed her happy feelings, “Each day, I got happier and overwhelmed with excitement when the stay at home order was lifted and life was more normalized. Quarantine helped me realized how I must be grateful for the little things in our lives. For example, I used to dread going to cross country practice, but as the season just began, I have looked forward to every practice because I get the opportunity to see my friends and train with them.” She took the time to remember what mattered most to her: the happiness of friends and the joy of sports.

Photo Credits: Assistant Coach Jennifer Lutfi                  Cayla Castenada 22′ and Brooke Corona 22′ after Woodbridge Varsity Cross Country race.

As Cayla was overjoyed with excitement to go back to school and live a normal life, Theresa Ceman ’21 had an opposite opinion about quarantine. She shared, “Quarantine was rough in the beginning because of the atmosphere, being alone without friends, and the unknowingness of it all. However, towards the end, I began to love the break from school which went fully online. I really like waking up later and having a concise schedule. Everything online helped me focus way better and I love it.” Theresa agrees that in order to have a more focused learning experience, online school is actually more suitable.

After the stay at home order was lifted, Theresa expressed her thoughts when she said, “Before quarantine, I was never one to love the comfort of my own home but I grew to love it. I have tried many new hobbies like cooking, organizing, and continuing to do my favorite hobby…online shopping. Being at school was nice, but I feel that if Rosary students go back, it will not be the same. I would much rather stay home and focus on my newly organized learning space.”

So what was life before and after quarantine really like for Rosary students? Based on two sources, life in quarantine brought different perspectives. The students, Cayla Castenada and Theresa Ceman expressed their differences, but both can be seen in a positive way. Ultimately, every student’s experience is different, but each has survived the journey through a global pandemic with a positive outlook.

Photo Credits: Theresa Ceman    Theresa Ceman 22′ made vegan pancakes for breakfast before late start zoom classes.