Hayley Johnson, Signing Off


Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

It didn’t hit me that high school was over until after the senior car parade Rosary faculty put together for us. Seeing all my teachers — in their masks, of course — was a surreal experience for me. I still haven’t completely processed everything, and I don’t know that I will for a long time. 

Fun at Freshman Picnic. Photo provided by Hayley Johnson ’20.

Rosary has been my home for four years now, and I will forever be grateful to the faculty and students who made this experience for me. From the very first time I stepped foot on campus as an incoming freshman, I have felt welcomed and valued. I learned that school can actually be fun, that sometimes you meet the best friends you’ll ever make in unexpected places. I learned to express myself onstage, that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I learned that it’s okay to be silly, that I don’t have to be embarrassed about dancing with my friends at lunchtime. I learned that I am a good leader, and that I have the ability to create beautiful things. Rosary taught me all this, and so much more. I will never forget the memories I’ve made on campus and through Tri-School Theatre.

At my surprise graduation car parade. Photo provided by Hayley Johnson ’20.

I can’t wait until I can be back on campus with my Rosary sisters in July for graduation. I know things haven’t gone exactly as planned, but we have all persevered, and we will come out the other end of this even stronger than we were before. I am more proud now than ever to be a part of Rosary Academy’s class of 2020. Thank you, Rosary, for everything. We’ll be back soon.