“Failed To Submit”


Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

As the year ends, it would be comforting for a lot of students—especially AP students—to end the year in a normal way. This is how it should go down: AP students start their test, they submit their test, they can rest peacefully, fully knowing they tried their best and settle down for the summer.


College Board had other plans.

According to many students, parents, and teachers, there have been reports where students were not able to submit their tests onto the site before their designated time ran out.

According to Valerie Strauss, the author of the article “College Board says new online AP tests are going well — but students report big problems,” 2.186 students took an AP exam in the first week of the testing period, and less than one percent of students were unable to submit their tests. Despite the low percentage, it is very misleading. College never specified the exact percentage, but once calculated, “One percent of the first-week total would be 21,860 students. One half of one percent would be 10,930 students. One-tenth of 1 percent would be 2,186 students — just for the first week.”

Isabel Alderete ’21 was one of the thousands of victims. When she finished her AP US History test, she simply could not submit it she started to freak out, but despite her efforts, she was unable to get the submission button to work. Isabel shared, “My parents are definitely annoyed with College Board. My dad even sent an email to the CEO of College Board.”

Isabel’s parents were not the only ones upset with their child’s failed attempt in submitting their test. College Board received thousands of complaints asking them to do something about their failed system, but the only consolation they have received is that they can retake the test in June.

One of the comforts College Board has to offer though, is if students have trouble submitting their tests again while retaking them, they can submit them to an email specifically made to solve their submission problems.  While this was a good move on College Board’s part, it didn’t start til the second week of testing, meaning the entire first week, this was not an option.

For more information about the failed AP submissions you can click on these links: “College Board says new online AP tests are going well — but students report big problems” and “College Board changing how AP test-takers can submit answers after complaints of botched online exams.”

It might not be much, but College Board has been trying relentlessly to stay on top of the many problems they have been faced with since the quarantine first began.

In the end, one of the biggest consolations that can be offered is “you are not alone.” Nothing has been the same since the quarantine, but the school year is practically over. Soon enough, everyone will probably still be in quarantine, but the stress over school work and tests will be long gone.