I’m Getting Fat . . . but Not in the Way You Think


One of my favorite memories at Rosary. Photo by Vanesa Farooq

Isabella Tejeda, Staff Editor

These past four years at Rosary Academy have been the greatest years of my life. Although I may never be able to wear my prom dress, present Red & Gold with my fellow White Team, or party it up at Grad night, I will always remember the amazing memories we made. 

One of my best friend’s and I before what we wouldn’t know would be our last dance. Photo by Victoria Tejeda

I know you may be wondering what the title has to do with this signing off article, but it relates in many ways. Not only have I gained many pounds during this quarantine, but I have also become fat in many other ways. Fat on love, friendship, happiness, and family. Rosary has provided all four of these things for me during my high school years.

Our last Father-Daughter Dance. Photo by Isabella Tejeda

I hope for all future students, current students, and past alumni that you remember what Rosary taught you, and you make memories that you will always remember. Rosary Academy has been such a blessing, and it is my pleasure to finally call myself an alumna.

Tennis pictures with my Rosary sister. Photo by Victoria Tejeda

This is Isabella Tejeda, signing off.