My Experience on the Royal Reporter


Attending spirit rallys for articles Photo provided by Kate Noden

Kate Noden, Editor-in-Chief

I have been on the Royal Reporter for two years, and was lucky enough to spend my Senior year as the editor in chief for the Royal Reporter. This has been my favorite class and is always an escape for me during stressful busy days.

For any sophomores or juniors looking for an elective, journalism is for you. This class is so much fun and you spend you days writing about fun school events. Whatever you want to write about you can; it allowed me to find different interests around campus and always get laughs out of article adventures.

Journalism squad after getting essential writing snacks
Photo by Kate Noden

After writing for the Royal Reporter it helped me realize that I want to fulfill a career in journalism for writing more serious news journalism. It made me decide to minor in Journalism next year at my University.

I am so thankful for all the friends I have made through this class, it has bonded me with upper and lower classmen. It also helps you get more involved in activities at Rosary and make the most out of your years at Rosary.

The best part about the class is that Ms. Barclay, best teacher ever, runs it, and there is ALWAYS a stocked candy jar for those days when you just need some chocolate.

It is so hard to think of one favorite memory from Journalism class because everyday was such an adventure. There are so many comfort tears, uncontrollable laughs, yummy potlucks, and more.

Journalism class doing a potluck from our favorite Rosary kitchen
Photo by Kate Noden

My favorite part from this year was getting to be Editor-in-Chief alongside my best friend Senior Grace Battaglia. We had a blast assigning articles and hosting discussions.

Editor in chief besties
Photo by Paula Noden

Journalism was by far my favorite class at Rosary and period 3 will be forever missed. If you are looking for an elective, please consider taking journalism to keep the Royal Reporter alive and thriving.