Honoring the Class of 2020


One of the amazing cars honoring seniors. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

In order to honor the graduating class of 2020, Rosary put together a senior parade in Rosary’s parking lot, while maintaining social distancing. Through this parade, seniors were able to see their teachers, get their cap and gown, donate uniforms, and celebrate their last day in high school.

Sofia Sigenfuse ’20 was originally not looking forward to the parade, but she quickly changed her mind as soon as she arrived. “I thought it was going to be really cheesy, but I loved seeing everyone. It was really bittersweet,” she shared. Sofia’s favorite part of the parade was seeing the teachers and receiving a bag full of goodies. The bags contained a cap and gown, Red and Gold bears, senior sweaters, and the letters seniors wrote themselves at WOW (Weekend of Welcome).  Sofia wishes she could have experienced a normal last day of high school, but she’s thankful that Rosary did something so special.

Riley Hawkin’s car featuring her famous dress. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Unlike Sofia, Megan Kendall ’20 was really excited for the parade, but like Sofia, her feelings also changed. “I got there and started to dread it because I knew I was going to cry. But despite that, I still loved it,” she stated. Megan loved seeing all of the teachers, but specifically Mrs. Jenkins and her stuffed animal bison. Megan also agreed that the parade was bittersweet, but she, too, was thankful to be able to celebrate her last day of high school.

Senior Maria Braatz was also very excited for the senior parade, and she loved every moment of it. Her personal favorite was seeing Mrs. Huerta and Ms. Leubke and hearing Rosary’s teacher band. “I definitely wished I could’ve experienced a normal ending to a senior year, but I’m happy I was able to see my teachers one more time,” she shared. Maria will definitely miss the endless laughter and smiles at Rosary, but she can’t wait for her next adventure at Gonzaga.

Riley Hawkins moments after the Senior Parade. Let’s keep her in our prayers. Photo provided by Riley Hawkins.

Riley Hawkins ’20 made a very special entrance to the parade. She arrived in a wonderfully decorated car featuring her wisdom teeth removal selfie and her iconic Gold Belle dress, all while wearing her homecoming queen crown. Riley will forever be homecoming queen, for it is her greatest accomplishment.

Her favorite part of the parade was seeing the teachers and “their beautiful faces.” Riley is especially sad to leave Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Schults, but she cannot wait to come back and visit them. Overall, Riley loved the Senior Parade.”The parade was super sweet, but also very depressing. I violently sobbed,” shared Riley. While Riley is very sad over leaving Rosary behind, she also cannot wait for the next 4 years at Villanova.

Junior Serena Park also attended the parade to cheer on the seniors. She made a lovely poster at home and stood on the side lines to wave to the seniors. Serena loved getting to see all the staff and faculty, but she’s sad she could not say a proper goodbye to some of her senior friends. “I wish the seniors could have gotten out of the cars so I could hug them, but I knew I had to stay six feet away,” she stated. Serena is sad to see the seniors go, but she is still very proud of them.

Some of the Rosary students cheering on the seniors. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Congratulations to all the seniors for completing high school. The Royal Reporter is so proud of everything you’ve done and cannot wait to see all your future accomplishments in college. Wishing you the best of luck in college, and we can’t wait to properly celebrate you (hopefully). Onto the next chapter.