Mrs. Kearns and Campus Ministry Continue On


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

While we are apart, there are still many opportunities for us to be together through prayer. Mrs. Kearns and the Campus Ministry team have been working hard to make sure we have lots of opportunities to grow deeper in our faith while in quarantine. While we are in our Zoom classes, Mrs. Kearns is at Rosary working hard to be sure our faith journeys can continue on. She is also trying hard to keep her faith while being away from others by praying more, listening to webinars, and attending Zoom meetings about faith, ministry, and spirituality.

“Mass is always my number one, but not being able to receive the Eucharist has been really hard,” said Mrs. Kearns. “ Both Fr. Ian and I enjoy our Tuesday mornings with your parents and staff- it’s been very fruitful!”

The students may not be at school, but the cross still stands strong. Photo provided by Mrs. Kearns.

Campus ministry isn’t stopping their service anytime soon. They meet once a week to continue serving the dear neighbor, while also enjoying the virtual company of their friends. They attended mass together as a class a few times while in quarantine. It is now time for the next group of campus ministers to join the fun as they began interviews for the next school year’s ministry team.

Mary with her flower crown in the Chapel. Photo provided by Mrs. Kearns.

Mrs. Kearns offered some advice for anyone who is interested in growing their relationship with God. There is Mass offered every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. on Rosary’s Website for you to hear the word of God from the comfort of your own home. If you’re feeling in need of some adoration, there is a filmed adoration service, also on the website.

Amara Miranda’20 did an exceptional job editing the video for our class,” stated Mrs. Kearns. She is also hoping that Kairos 58 will happen in early June for the juniors and seniors who wish to attend. There are a wide variety of opportunities that Rosary has provided for anyone to continue their journey with God. Be sure to check those out as well as follow @rosary_campusministry on Instagram for more updates.

Rosary’s Chapel decorated for Mass. Photo provided by Mrs. Kearns.