Prepping for College Online

Prepping for College Online

Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

This coming Thursday, May 21st will mark the end of the school year for the seniors of Rosary Academy. Although online classes are over, it doesn’t mean the work has stopped because college is right around the corner.

“It’s hard to get to the real feel of how campus life will be this coming fall,” shares Samantha Lechuga ’20. For students who will be attending classes in the fall the ability to visit campus’s was limited and some students didn’t get to visit at all. “Going somewhere I haven’t seen before will be really interesting,” agrees Audrey Kartika ’20.

Since students might not be able to visit their college before the fall, many schools are offering guided virtual tours for prospective students. This is meant to help students get the best look at the school from the safety of their homes.

An example of a intoduction post Photo Provided by Kat Davis

Thankfully, meeting new college friends won’t be as difficult as visiting the schools thanks to social media. “My school [Universty of Portland] has a freshman introduction page and I just messaged other girls who said they’re looking for roommates, and I’m going to see if any of us click,” explained Katherine Davis ’20.

Many schools have set up introduction pages for the class of 2024 on different social media platforms, where students send the account pictures of themselves and an introduction about themselves, so that the students can all get to know each other through social media, and hopefully make friends before school starts.

Facebook, one way to connect Photo provided by Whitney Deubler
Instagram, one of the other ways colleges connect Photo provided by Whitney Deubler









While having some college experiences online isn’t ideal, it’s the reality that seniors must now face. The good thing is when all of the freshmen show up in the fall, they will all have the shared experience of figuring everything out online.