Delightful Dress-Up Dinners


Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

During the quarantine, sometimes everyday things run the risk of growing a little monotonous, so we are turning to our Royals to find fun ways to spice up our daily activities. Freshman Molly Muse and her family are taking advantage of their extra time and love of dressing up to turn their family dinners into a whole new, special tradition.

Molly, who found the idea to dress up in costumes for dinner online, tells the Royal Reporter, “We started [dressing up for dinner] during quarantine, although my family is silly and will find any reason to dress up… We try to do it once a week. During a nightly family dinner, we will come up with a theme. We try to let every family member get to pick, and rotate people choosing.” Sometimes, she shares, they’ll dress for current world events, such as Disney characters when Disneyland announced its temporary closing.

Molly and her family dressed up in their best Disney attire. Photo provided by Molly Muse ’23.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Molly and her family come up with themed activities to do after dinner, depending on the costumes they’re wearing that night. “When we dressed up like proper English people, we did riddles after dinner,” she says, “When we dressed up like farmers, we had a campfire after dinner and made s’mores.” The Muse family also watches lots of themed movies together after their dinners, like Tangled, on the night they all dressed up as Disney characters.

The Muse family dressed as farmers, featuring their chicken. Photo provided by Molly Muse ’23.

Besides it just being a fun tradition, it is also helpful for Molly and her family in these uncertain times. “During the quarantine,” she shares, “the days can be long and run into weeks, not even knowing what day it is sometimes. It’s always a surprise to see what everyone is wearing and never can’t make me laugh.” The Muse family, in their commitment to their dress-up family dinners, have proven that a little bit of laughter and time spent together can go a long way in brightening even the darkest of situations.

We are so grateful to Molly and her family for sharing their wonderful ideas on how to brighten our days during quarantine, and we can’t wait to see what our Royals come up with next.