Teachers Cleaning Out Their Classrooms


A classroom. Photo from TVO

Maryann Compton, Staff Editor

Over the past week, teachers at Rosary have had to come to campus to clean out their classrooms. Normally they do this at the end of the year, but this year is different. Some classrooms are being remodeled, and teachers are more than excited. The Royal Reporter asked teachers their feelings while cleaning out their classrooms.

Religion teacher Ms. D’Alba explains, “I am in a unique position this year since normally I am able to clean my room after the seniors have finished school. I think my main reaction was that I have too many items in my cupboards and it is a time to simplify my classroom and my teaching style. It was very freeing to work with my children as they helped me and scolded me for hoarding various objects in the cupboards. At home I live a very simple streamlined life and I do not have items out of place but at school it is the opposite so now I can start fresh and not keep things I do not need or really want.”

Mrs.Davidson also explains, “Cleaning out a classroom is first of all a lot of work. Every cupboard and drawer had to be emptied completely. During the process, I found a few hidden gems to keep along with many items that I probably will never use. After I had finished, the thought that screamed loudest in my head was, ‘I didn’t know I had this many Calculus books!’’”

Calculus Books. Photo from Flickr

In addition, Mr.Chavez says, “Cleaning out my classroom made me realize just how many books I’ve got in my classroom. I think I filled 9 boxes and still had to leave some out. I also used it as an excuse to dispose and recycle a lot of things that I wasn’t using.”

Sra. Kappe also explains, “Well, my room is going to be remodeled starting this week, so last Monday I had to take down everything and put everything I owned in the classroom in different boxes! I have been at Rosary 13 years, so I was totally stressing about packing up everything! I struggled trying to fall asleep the night before. Lol!!! I worked for 7 hours decluttering as well as boxing up everything! I was so grateful because Mrs. Shultz came to help me, and I love visiting with her! (We worked on opposites sides of the classroom to keep social distancing.) I got rid of so many things that I was not using, and that was very freeing! It is always sad taking down all the decorations, but it is also nice to see a clean slate so that I can re-decorate next year! Taking down the classroom decorations is also a way to “close up shop!” Once everything is taken down, I just pause in my room and think, “Until next year.”

Sra. Kappe’s decorations in her classroom. Photo by Maryann Compton







Lastly Mr.Lyons explains, “What the heck! Clean out my classroom? I never heard that- nobody tells the Art Department anything. Excuse me- I have to drive out to Rosary, take my mask off, and SNEEZE on somebody!”

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