When Will Quarantine End?

When Will Quarantine End?

Kate Noden, Editor-in-Chief

Quarantine, quarantine, quarantine….. You have heard it all by now and it is assumed you are probably getting very tired of staying inside all day and no longer being able to interact normally. So when will this end? Good news is that it looks like change could be near .Obviously the country can’t just shut off quarantine and resume normal life automatically; it takes time and the Government has decided to introduce stages into re opening California.

Stage one includes of making the environment as safe as possible for essential workers only; stage two then goes to lower risk sectors to slowly re open along with schools and childcare; stage three then allows opportunities for high risk sectors to re open; and finally stage four is returning to expanded workforce in the highest risk sector.

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Slowly California is starting to reopen certain things beyond stage one, for example some beaches and stores. Even some restaurants are getting tired of the quarantine and are opening up their bars and tables, only to get shut down by the end of the week.

As of right now no one really knows when this will all be over: Slow changes are occurring; however, each day appears a new set back. On May 12, 2020 California State Schools announced that their fall semester will be online, and it looks like other Universities may follow them. LA county announced another 3 month stay at home order last Tuesday, which likely means Orange County will follow.

As of right now there is no set date of when quarantine will end, but we can start to enjoy and celebrate small victories every day. In Colorado, for example, the state ban has been lifted and many retail stores have reopened like hair salons, nail stations, and more. Tennessee and Mississippi have reopened seating in restaurants. Each week more and more states are getting closer to normal life.

For us in Orange County, Rosary announced that our Seniors will get an official graduation ceremony on July 17th. Senior Julia Oskorus stated, “I was pretty excited when I saw the email; I think our class has worked so hard to get here that we deserve some form of celebration.”

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Also the Juniors and Seniors came together to create a Prom Court, even though they can’t have an in person Prom. Congratulations to:


Savanah Alvarado

Juliana Maldonado

Nicole Rodriguez

And Juniors

Bella Capps

Elyssa Savellano

So as we continue to stay inside and finish the school year, make sure to take a moment and celebrate the small victories together. Stay healthy Royals.